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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Building a reliable expert billing team is a problem that is becoming more apparent as the labor shortage continues throughout the US. Medical practices are finding it more challenging to recruit and retrain experienced billers.

Apart from the time and money wasted finding and onboarding billing staff, without an expert, cohesive team, the billing process isn’t as watertight as it should be, leading to providers losing revenue in the process. 

In addition, poor coding practices also contribute to a loss in revenue. Refer to the next question for more on this topic. 

Clean claims require accurate coding. Research shows that over 50% of claim denials could be attributed to coding errors. Loss in revenue is a direct result of improper coding. 

Coding changes all the time, and often, coders and billers are too busy doing their work to familiarize themselves with the constantly changing coding environment. In addition, borderline-burnout physicians may experience EHR difficulties and miss relevant codes or supporting documentation.

This creates the need for expert coders and billers to cooperate in synergy to maximize the revenue of practice, and that is why the outsourced medical billing industry is growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 12%.

For one, you are guaranteed to have a dedicated team of expert coders and billers providing uninterrupted service. No more struggling to source talent, spending time and money on onboarding only to find them heading for greener pastures within months. 

Secondly, outsourcing billing services to a reputable company will have a drastic positive effect on the bottom line of the business. Expert coders and billing specialists will prevent money from seeping out of business, improve AR, elicit faster payment for payors, etc. 

Click here for more information regarding the benefits and ROI of medical billing services. 

Search for a reputable medical billing service provider with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Ensure they live up to their promises by investigating their online reviews and testimonials. 

Ensure that his company has measurable metrics on how quickly they bill, how they work with your practice to improve clean claims and have the expertise to help do coding analysis for any revenue you may be leaving on the table. 

The outsourced billing company that would best serve your practice should use the latest technology, be on top of their game with legislative coding changes, and be able to integrate additional services such as licensing and credentialing to provide a holistic revenue cycle enhancement. 

Did you know?

You need to be credentialed with Insurance Carriers before you can get paid from them?

Outsourced Medical Billing Services

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