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Why Nephrology Coding & Billing Can Cause Obstructions In Your Cashflow

The range of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, each requiring precise documentation and coding for accurate reimbursement, leaves lots of opportunities for errors to occur that impact the organization’s cashflow.

For instance, renal biopsies require meticulous documentation of the procedure details. Common errors include incomplete documentation of biopsy findings, missing information about the approach used, or failing to report associated services accurately.

Billing for dialysis treatments often involves specifying the type and duration of the procedure. Errors in coding, such as misclassifying the type of dialysis or inaccurately documenting the duration, can lead to claim denials and delayed reimbursements.

Also, billing discrepancies often arise when nephrologists provide services in various settings, such as outpatient clinics, hospitals, and dialysis centers. Inconsistent coding practices across these settings can result in confusion, claim denials, and revenue loss.

Boost Financial Growth by Maximizing Reimbursements

After 11+ years of providing Nephrology Billing Services nationwide, we’ve become experts at detecting the causes of sub-optimal reimbursements. Neolytix’s dedicated team of well-trained experts specializes in detecting the obstacles that prevent your organization from achieving its growth goals. 


Coding Investigations

We conduct routine coding compliance audits to identify potential issues or areas of improvement. This helps us catch problems before they lead to denials or legal issues.


Revenue Leak Detection

By carefully examining your billing procedures, we can pinpoint and rectify potential areas of revenue loss, closing these gaps definitively.


Minimizing AR

With a meticulous focus on perfection, denials & AR are reduced due to our teams’ focus on reducing errors in the front head before claims submission.


Denial Recovery

Our expertise in procedures serves as safeguards against rejections, ensuring you secure the maximum reimbursement available.


On-demand Scalability

We can add or remove resources to adapt to your operational demand or scaling needs without causing disruptions.


Single Point Service

Deal with one service provider for patient enrollment, insurance verification and authorization, coding, payment posting, reconciliation of accounts, AR management, coding audit, credentialing, etc.

Our Best Practices Pillars Supporting Nephrology Billing Services

Neolytix brings a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring that our dedicated teams adeptly apply the best nephrology billing practices to optimize your billing cycle. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the following core strategies: 

Comprehensive Carrier Expertise

We possess extensive process and compliance expertise with leading commercial carriers such as UnitedHealth, Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross Group, WellPoint, etc. (Contract renegotiations available upon request)

EHR Platforms Proficiency

Our Neolytix billing teams have broad proficiency in maneuvering through different EHR/EMR systems. Whether it's Epic, Cerner, Athenahealth, Allscripts, etc., our expertise ensures streamlined and precise billing processes customized to your specific platform.

Accreditation & Continuous Training

Our coders, certified by AAPC, utilize their expertise to accurately assign CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10-CM codes, and undergo constant training of code and best practice updates to ensure both compliance and precise billing.

Intense Coding Audits

Our coding teams conduct rigorous audits, ensuring an intensified focus on accuracy and compliance to significantly enhance the efficiency of your billing cycle.

The Code-Stones Causing Blockages in Your Nephrology Cashflow

Proficiency in coding is indispensable for optimizing reimbursements in nephrology. Unraveling the intricacies of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes unveils potential pitfalls that, if overlooked, can significantly impact your financial workflow.

Common CPT Codes

50200 (Renal biopsy; percutaneous, needle)

Precision is key! Inadequate documentation on the medical necessity of percutaneous renal biopsy can open the door to claim denials.

90935 (Hemodialysis procedure with single physician evaluation)

Missed details during hemodialysis documentation, especially in single physician evaluations, may result in overlooked findings and complications, leading to claim rejections.

50300 (Exploration, retroperitoneal, with or without biopsy(s)

Failure to explicitly state the necessity of retroperitoneal exploration and document findings increases the risk of claim denials for this procedure.

90960 (End-stage renal disease (ESRD) related services monthly, for patients 20 years of age and older; individual, face-to-face)

Incomplete documentation of individual ESRD services and modifications in treatment plans during face-to-face encounters may lead to claim denials.

Common ICD 10 Codes

N18.9 (Chronic kidney disease, unspecified)

Inadequate detailing of the severity and impact of chronic kidney disease can result in coding ambiguity and subsequent claim denials.

I12.9 (Hypertensive heart and chronic kidney disease without heart failure, unspecified)

Neglecting to clearly describe the relationship between hypertension, heart, and kidney disease, especially the absence of heart failure, increases the risk of claim denials.

N28.9 (Disorder of kidney and ureter, unspecified)

Lack of detailed documentation on symptoms, diagnostic tests, and relevant information raises the likelihood of claim denials for an unspecified disorder of the kidney and ureter.

N17.9 (Acute kidney failure, unspecified)

Failing to provide specific details on the onset, contributing factors, and interventions for acute kidney failure may result in claim denials due to insufficient information.

Serving Multiple Nephrology Specialty Providers

Our billing teams possess diverse experience within the Nephrology specialty board, encompassing comprehensive billing and revenue cycle for providers specializing in: 

  • Renal Biopsies
  • Dialysis Services
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Management
  • Hypertension Management
  • Electrolyte Disorders
  • Glomerular Diseases
  • Renal Transplantation
  • Pediatric Nephrology
nephrology medical billing services

Benefits Of Working With Neolytix Billing Services

Neolytix provides services around the clock to nephrology providers nationwide. Each team member in our billing team receives ongoing training and is monitored and audited by dedicated supervisors and account managers. Continuous training happens behind the scenes at no cost to your organization and won’t affect your medical billing, coding, and collections operations.

Improved accuracy in claims submissions and reduced billing errors & monitoring of coding changes, and amendments- ruthless efficiency assisting your profitability.

Constant availability to speed up billing processes and to ensure continuous support for your healthcare organization.

Neolytix stays vigilant in adhering to evolving healthcare regulations, ensuring that your Nephrology billing remains in compliance with industry standards. 

Free up your time by outsourcing medical billing services and administrative tasks to focus more on patient care and big-picture tasks for your healthcare organization.

Benefit from our flexible and individualized fee options, designed to ensure cost-effectiveness and financial efficiency for your organization or group.


Listen to what our clients have to say

Sarah Charmchi
Sarah Charmchi
I chose Neolytix for credentialing our practice. The team was knowledgeable, responsive and kind and supported us through the process. I would certainly recommend their services.
Sue Robbins
Sue Robbins
Neolytix has helped so much with our outstanding A/R. They are always so very willing to help and complete the task in a timely manner.
We transitioned to Neolytix a while back, having come from a billing company we were less than thrilled about. The people here have been very responsive to our needs and requests, and adapt quickly to whatever curve balls our practice throws them. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, and take the attitude that our success is their success.
Sandy M
Sandy M
I was a new office manager for a private practice when I hired Neolytix for credentialing assistance. Eden has been very thorough and helpful every step of the way. insurance credentialing can be so overwhelming at times, that having this task off my plate has given me a peace of mind. I know she is handling everything. Always quick to respond to questions or concerns.
Cheryl Lambert
Cheryl Lambert
Neolytix is the most professional and hard working billing company I have ever been partners with . I call them a partner because they truly are. Neolytix makes sure what they bill is accurate. Their knowledge of physician billing is outstanding. The entire team takes control and does what is necessary to make sure you get paid.
Priti Patel
Priti Patel
I habe hired a virtual assistant through Neolytix and she is amazing. The team has trained her well so I didn't have to deal with that aspect so I can focus on running my clinic. She is fast and responsive to clinic tasks. Patients have said positive things about her as well.The team at Neolytix did well...I just wish I would have signed up sooner 😅

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