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Neolytix Virtual Assistants fill important roles in your practice

Provide the concierge level of service your patients deserve. VAs can play various roles in medical practice, improving the patient experience and freeing medical providers of non-clinical responsibilities.

Neolytix Virtual Assistants fill important
roles in your practice

Provide the concierge level of service your patients deserve. VAs can play various roles in medical practice, improving the patient experience and freeing medical providers of non-clinical responsibilities.
Patient Coordinator
Active involvement in maintaining relationships with patients- in person and online.
Detailed focus on patient benefit verification and pre-authorisation mitigate the risk of surprise bills and penalties.
Collaborate with patients to establish suitable plans for big-bill treatments.
Medical Triage Specialists
VAs prioritise appointments for those in fast need of medical care, reschedule appointments, help with prescription refills and answer lab-test-related queries.
Registered nurse VAs can provide telehealth services.
VAs save time by answering queries that do not need the medical provider’s specific attention.
Front Desk Administrator
VAs answer calls, respond to emails, texts and manage provider’s schedule
All calls are transcribed, monitored and quality controlled behind the scenes. Detailed reporting is provided frequently.
Help with new patient onboarding. Includes document management, such as filling documents under patient charts in EMR system.
Managing social media marketing, and email campaigns. Request online reviews and respond to all comments and queries.
Medical Scribe
VAs collect vital patient information meticulously before the consultation
No dictation is required. VAs capture the information live during the consultation
Reduce the time you spend updating charts by handing the responsibility to VA
No more policing for medical providers. VAs are monitored from the back-end with on-demand reports provided on their performance
Bilingual Service Facilitator
Spanish/English virtual assistants bridge the communication gap between patients and practice to
Enhance the patient experience by providing correspondence in the patient’s language of choice
Foster growth by attracting more patients from different demographics.

Patient Coordinator

Medical Triage Specialists

Front Desk Administrator

Medical Scribe

Bilingual Service Facilitator

Top 5 Reasons why Practices
working with Neolytix VA’s

Changing the operational status quo at your practice to improve efficiency should not be a complex process.

Operational within 1 hour

  • Minimize training and checking with our expert Practice Concierge Team
  • Pre-trained and experienced with only 1-hour of onboarding training required

Save money

  • Up to 70% Lower Operational Costs by right shoring your VA 
  • Flexible Hours – Get more out of your VA Service

No Long-Term Commitment

  • No long-term contracts: Get out whenever you want
  • Freedom to swap VA’s On Demand

Four for the price of One!

  • Minimize future disruptions with a Backup VA – Included Free with most plans
  • Audits done on work performed by a dedicated Quality Auditor

Best in Class Technology

  • Reach Patients where they are – Omnichannel communication through voice and digital channels.
  • Gather conversational insights using AI based Speech Analytics engine
  • Analytics & Dashboards to track KPIs and improve patient experience


Listen to what our clients
have to say


I would absolutely recommend their services

After we started working with Neolytix, we saw immediate improvements. Our collections went up, we were starting to collect more money faster and our accounts receivable went down. What really surprised me was how quickly things turned around. Life after Neolytix is less worry, less worry about billing and we can now focus on patient care. I would absolutely recommend their services to practices looking to streamline their billing.


I just wish I would have signed up sooner

I have hired a virtual assistant through Neolytix and she is amazing. The team has trained her well so I didn't have to deal with that aspect so I can focus on running my clinic. She is fast and responsive to clinic tasks. Patients have said positive things about her as well. The team at Neolytix did well...I just wish I would have signed up sooner

Industry’s Best Patient Contact Solution - Included at no additional cost to you

As a medical provider, you don’t have the time and energy to implement complex communication solutions and attend to its growth pains along the way. Neolytix Virtual Assistants come standard with industry-best communications solutions that blend into your practice with no hiccups.
  • Improve the patient experience by speeding up the communication between practice and patient.
  • Reach patients on the communication platforms they desire (Omnichannel)
  • Get insights into patient interaction sentiment through AI-based speech analytics.
  • Complementary implementation and dedicated implementation lead offered with VA services
virtual medical assistant

Deliver the care patients want in the communication channel they prefer

Neolytix Contact Center Solution makes it easy for patients to communicate with you. We provide the ability to communicate with your patients through their preferred media, whether calls, emails, live chat or texts.
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Patients say it’s important to be able to engage providers on their channel of choice.

Understand how patients feel about your practice

Neolytix Contact Center Solution helps you understand how your patients feel about your practice so that you can offer them a delightful experience and keep them coming back by analyzing call transcriptions and tracking the patient sentiments.

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Patients who say a single negative customer service experience will impact their loyalty to a provider.
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How Does It Work?

Neolytix has been working with healthcare providers for more than a decade. That reflects in the simplicity of getting started with us!

1) Select Options

Shared or Dedicated, how many hours of coverage, customer service, biller or Registered Nurse, Onshore or Offshore.

2) Setup Communication Platform

Use our Communication Platform or bring your own solution to forward calls to your Virtual Assistant

3) 1 Hour Training

We train our VAs so that you don’t have to spend time and energy doing so. All job responsibilities, EHR integration, onboarding, etc. are streamlined and monistored by a dedicated onboarding manager.

4) Go Live!

That's it - Our implementation team will provide a Go Live date for your project.

How Neolytix VAs support every stage of a practice’s growth cycle

Free yourself from unnecessary non-clinical tasks to have more time for yourself and your practice, or gear up to grow your practice. Neolytix VAs can assist in every step of a practice’s growth cycle while keeping costs to a minimum.
Medical Billing
Improve Patient Care

Free yourself from the administrative burdens that consume so much of your valuable time. Our team will take care of the non-clinical administrative side of your practice so that you can focus your energy on providing excellent medical care instead.

Grow your Practice
Grow your Practice

Improve the flow of patients to your practice by improving your online reputation. Our VA services can enhance your online reputation by

  1. Eliciting online reviews from patients
  2. Responding to online testimonials and queries,
  3. Utilizing Live Chat for your website
  4. Improving social media patient-practice interaction

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