Virtual Medical Assistant Services

Choose flexible services that free up your time and resources. We provide trained professional resources that help in office administration and facilitate smooth functioning of your practice.

What can a Virtual Assistant for a medical practice help with?

A virtual assistant, or VA for short, is an administrator who performs their duties remotely instead of in your office.

Depending on the skill set you chose to hire, our VA’s can provide a wide range of customer service and medical services.

HIPAA Compliant

It is difficult to think that people working remotely will have same ethic and security that you have setup for your office.  That’s where we come in.

Neolytix has implemented a Enterprise grade security using Google’s infrastructure. Our policies and background checks ensure that every resource is verified and educated about HIPAA and their obligations.

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Why should I hire a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants from Neolytix provide numerous advantages

Training & Management Included

Neolytix has deep-rooted experience in the healthcare space, working with medical and mental health practices across the country.

With that experience, we have built training programs to help our VA's to be successful working with every practice.

A Practice Management Lead will supervise, monitor and coach the VA, so they can best align to the goals of your practice.


Looking to hire someone as a shared resource, dedicated, Part time, Full Time or even cover 12-hour shifts. We provide the flexibility, so your practice can scale quickly and economically.

Concerned about hiring employees offshore? Hire a US based resource - we provide you with choices that suit your requirement.


Integrated Digital Solutions

Practice Tech Solutions provide best in class digital solutions to medical practices. It is easy to integrate a Virtual Assistant to help you improve patient experience by using integrated technologies. Provide Web chats from your website, answer questions on Facebook and grow your practice*. Complimentary setup on annual plans.

* Some additional fees may apply.

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Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Providers

How does it work?

Combine our Billing and Credentialing expertise to get paid faster for your services.

Select Options

Shared or Dedicated, how many hours of coverage, customer service, biller or Registered Nurse, Onshore or Offshore.

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Setup Telephony

Use our Cloud PBX or bring your own solution to forward calls to your Virtual Assistant

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1 Hour Training

Our Virtual assistants are trained by us in various aspects of job responsibilities and EHR usage, so you don't have to spend time training them.

Go Live!

That's it - Our implementation team will provide a Go Live date for your project.

Improve Patient Care

Our current system of billing, documentation requirements leave a lot of time being spent by practitioners in things that take you away from providing amazing patient care.

Our services free up your time so you can focus on providing the best outcomes with our team managing all other aspects of your non clinical administration.

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Grow your Practice

Use Virtual Assistant to answer live questions for your website visitors as well as on Facebook or other social media. 

Get new clients in by improving your practice reputation – get more positive reviews, being proactive in answering questions quickly – using Live Chat. 

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Practice Growth With Well-Trained Virtual Medical Assistants