Healthcare Recruitment

Spending too much time posting jobs and screening through a sea of candidates?

Neolytix’s Healthcare Recruitment Services cater to small medical practices that wish to contract healthcare providers without spending countless hours searching and screening profiles.

With 10+ years in medical practice management and digital marketing, we leave no stone unturned in sourcing the perfect candidates to match your exact requirements.

Find the best talent with minimum effort

Finding the right people for your practice requires lots of time and energy- resources that could be better spent on your patients and growing your practice.
Healthcare Recruitment Service Neolytix

Neolytix’s Assisted Hiring Services

With Neolytix’s innovative healthcare recruitment approach, we work beyond finding the right talent. Our market intelligence teams work on employee trends and help you find potential candidates to match your specific requirements. Neolytix is determined to find the perfect fit to ensure clients meet bottom-line goals, using small radius-specific provider searches.
First Time Client Offer:
  • $249 per profile delivered to your Inbox or hire an experienced Healthcare recruiter on an hourly basis!

How does it work?

  • Our search strategy starts with developing detailed descriptions of required positions, including educational requirements, duties, experience, compensation level, technical expertise, and more.
  • This is followed by a search strategy using our own databases, authentic referral sources as well as wide-ranging direct recruitment proficiencies. In case we are not able to hunt down profiles that fit your bill, we will even advertise on major platforms to reach out to potential candidates.
  • Once potential candidates are identified, an in-depth interview process is conducted, both online and in-person, before submitting their credentials to you.
  • Once potential candidates are identified, an in-depth interview process is conducted, both online and in-person, before submitting their credentials to you.

Managed Hiring Services

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  • Our Managed Hiring Services help our clients in retaining control over numerous factors such as inefficient processes and higher cost of talent acquisition. We help you optimize your recruitment process and manage the existing workforce.
  • Our Managed Hiring Services will bring together people, processes as well as technologies for ensuring better experience and care for patients. With our agile model, we will provide the best hiring strategy fulfilling your specific recruitment needs. We will apply industry best practices for determining the specific needs of your practice.
  • We will help lift the burden associated with hiring and recruitment management by identifying your exact requirements and solving your critical and evolving hiring needs.

We Master Non-Clinical Healthcare Recruitment

Healthcare practices are not just about clinical practitioners, rather there is a support system that helps the practice run its day-to-day operations. We offer you an opportunity to select from an established and authentic network of resources and professionals to fulfil your staffing needs.

We have industry expertise to meet both short-term contracts and permanent hire in the following services/areas:

  • Non Physician Providers
  • Physician Providers
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Physician Assistance
  • Lab Technicians
  • Front Office Staff
  • Administrative Staff
  • Outsourced Medical Directors

Why use Neolytix’s Assisted Hiring Services?

  • 10+ years of hiring and recruiting experience
  • Experienced recruiters source and screen candidates
  • Standardized Job Descriptions based on our extensive Practice management experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Not all agencies are alike, and some would simply provide a platform where anybody can join and submit a resume. The employer would then source prospective employees blindly from this database and go through a long process of selection, interviews, and vetting. 

Other agencies would do a primary screening to collect job seekers who they would then recommend to the employer. But there is still a risk of time wasting with imposters desperate to get their foot in the door.  

Professional recruitment agencies should go through a vigorous vetting process to filter out the best candidates with the appropriate qualifications and work experience.  

Hiring healthcare recruitment agencies save time and money and create the opportunity to find suitable employees fast.  

The best agencies would ensure that the candidates they source are properly vetted and adhere to the strict standards and ethics of the recruiting firm and prospective employees.  

This saves the employee countless hours finding suitable candidates with the appropriate qualifications and work experience. Even if candidates do appear suitable on paper, sometimes, during the interview process, employers will find that they are not the right candidates, which pushes these employers back to square one. 

Through years of experience, these agencies have built their own talent databases and know where to look for the pools of talent their clients are seeking. But it is essential to find out exactly what they should be looking for first. 

That is why healthcare recruitment agencies collect detailed descriptions of required positions before they set out scouring their own databases and beyond. Once they find possible matches, they will conduct primary screenings to filter out the best candidates before marking them as a possible candidate to introduce to the prospective employer.

No. Certain healthcare recruitment agencies match the requirement of the employer to that of the employee. Providers may only be seeking somebody for a couple of months to assist them in getting through a busy seasonal period or perhaps for half-day posts. 

Whatever the requirements are of the provider, a good healthcare recruiter should be able to find a suitable candidate to match these requirements. 

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