Management Service Organization (MSO) for Healthcare

Professional Partnership for Growth & Profitability

Management Service Organization or MSO is a business entity which provides end to end, non-clinical practice management services to a medical practice.

We are a unique Small Practice MSO, which means unlike traditional MSO’s that focus on working with large hospitals, we bring the same expertise to smaller practices.

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Neolytix is a Management Service Organization (MSO) serving small, independent healthcare practices.

Why work with a Small Practice MSO?

Benefits of working with Neolytix, a small practice MSO over specialist service providers


Small Team Skills

Small practices need strong individual leadership to work across traditional specialist functions in an organization

Specialty Knowledge

It is not enough to be a specialist in Healthcare. Our teams have specialists experienced in sub specialties like Pediatric Therapy, OB/GYN, Pediatricians, Labs etc

Easy Communication

Spend less time worrying about getting your different suppliers on the same page.



We have been in business since 2011 and work with more than 50 different private practices nationwide

Strong & Diverse Team

Team at Neolytix has experts from different fields like Medical Billing, Digital Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Talent management – working together as one unit.

Better Accountability

A single point of contact ensures you have access to a quarterback running everything for your practice.

Management Service Organization (MSO)

MSO's help Independent Practices stay Independent

Regulatory Changes, added complexity and need for building a successful growth model for practices is driving a renewed demand for MSO’s

Flexible Practice Engagement Models

From a traditional pay for service to fully managed outcomes – we provide flexible options to practices



Fee for services - Fixed price or milestone based. Monthly fee for recurring services.

Management As A Service

Flat fee per month which converts the upfront capital investment into an amortized monthly fee. Long term contract & Credit check maybe required.

MSO Partnership

End to end managed service model tied to the revenue of the practice.

Medical Credentialing Services Company

Driving Growth & Profitability

To make the best use of people and focus their energy into productive work is a challenge in any organization. To be able to bring in expertise from Marketing, Website Development, SEO Optimization, Technology and Operations management takes the demand to the next level. These are the drivers for sustaining and growing your practice.

Management Services Provided address these and typically include all non clinical services like:

Goal Setting & Tracking

Setup Short & Long Term Goals – Operational as well as Financial


Payer Contract Negotiations, Credentialing, Billing, Coding and AR Management 

Marketing Management

Driving New Patient Growth, Reputation Management, Patient Experience Management, SEO

IT Services

IT Infrastructure (Computers, Network, Security, Antivirus,  IT Audits), Website Management

HR, Payroll & Staffing

Staff Management (Hiring, performance management, leave planning), Payroll processing

Facilities Management

Inventory Management of Clinical & Non Clinical Supplies, Lease Management, Office Administration, Purchasing, Accounting etc.

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