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Freedom, Respect, Rewards & Work That Matters

Discover new career opportunities doing work that’s appreciated while enjoying the work-life balance you desire. And then there’s the rewards…

Why build your career with Neolytix?

Ever heard of the expression, “The client is always right”? 

Well, at Neolytix, this status quo got kicked to the curb and replaced with “Employees first and clients second.”

We are proud of creating an environment where everyone is respected and given the platform to excel without compromising their work-life balance.

Shared Values

Shared Values

At Neolytix we value and respect diversity in all shapes and forms. It’s our unique views, combined, that make us grow.

Competitive Renumeration

Competitive Remuneration

We respect the time you dedicate to making Neolytix better, and we want to reward you fairly for it.

Location of Choice

Location of Choice

Enjoy the freedom of working from home or choose to become part of a united office-bound team. Neolytix offers opportunities for both.

Work that Matters

Work That Matters

Your contribution will lead to the well-being of others. Neolytix is focused on supporting the healthcare industry, which means that the work you do, leads to the healing of others.

Healthy Work Life Balance

Healthy Work-Life Balance

Your mental and physical well-being comes first at Neolytix. We believe that you work to live and not the other way around.

Career Growth

Career Growth

You are the master of your destiny, and we do our best to support you with training, guidance, and upward growth so you can become the best you can be.

Valued Ideas

Valued Ideas

Our Ideology initiative gives everyone the opportunity to express their ideas and stand a chance to be rewarded for their initiative.

Forge your Future

Forge Your Future

The next level from the Ideology, the ForgeUp empowers individuals to build and run their own projects from idea to implementation.

Neolytix Upgigs

Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

Welcome to our platform dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering innovation in the healthcare technology and services industry.


What is the Upgigs Hub?

We’re on a mission to collaborate with bright minds who share our vision for transforming the healthcare landscape. If you have expertise in specific areas or game-changing ideas, we invite you to join us in redefining the future of healthcare solutions.

Your contribution could be a single suggestion aimed at providing a solution to a specific problem, or it could be a project which you will spearhead. The choice is yours.

Your Contribution Could Change Your Life’s Trajectory

Find the recognition you seek for thinking outside of the box. Whether you have a single idea that could have an impact on your direct environment, or anything unrelated to your job that could benefit the company, or you would like to run your own project and build a legacy, we’ll welcome it all and support you all the way.

Neolytix Upgigs

UpGig Logo

Option 1: Ideology

Did you ever have a lightbulb moment where an idea popped into your mind, but you shot it down because you thought that it was silly?

The Ideology allows you to post your brain sparks, stand a chance to see your idea implemented and receive recognition for doing so. This option is available to all Neolytix employees, interns, as well as any external person with the desire to express their genius.

The ideas and suggestions could be related to a specific part of the operation, or of a higher, more strategic nature.

Option 2: ForgeUp

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? The ForgeUp is aimed at the go-getters of society who seek support and guidance to implement game-changing ideas.

What differentiates the ForgeUp from the Ideology, is that in this program, you’ll be given the opportunity to take ownership of your own project, from inception on toward implementation.

You’ll be given the support, resources, and guidance on how to optimize and implement your idea, take complete ownership and receive the recognition that will accelerate your career.

Reward and be Rewarded

At Neolytix, we believe in recognizing and celebrating the exceptional contributions of our team members in a fun and rewarding way. But, we moved the responsibility of who should be rewarded over to YOU.

What is the Neolytix Workplace Rewards?

The Neolytix Rewards Program allows individuals to applaud their colleagues’ outstanding efforts by giving them points, which can then be exchanged for exciting gift certificates.

This not only fosters a positive and supportive work environment but also shows our deep appreciation for the dedication and excellence that define our team.

Healthcare Jobs

Opportunities at the Company That Cares About You

If you have worked in a healthcare BPO before, you’d be familiar with what we do. Our services include Medical Billing, Credentialing, Virtual Assistance, Digital Marketing, Security and Compliance, Bookkeeping, etc., and we need superstars to provide stellar service in numerous fields.

We need you on our team to help our clients with.…
Healthcare Jobs



Growth Management
Reputation Management
Digital Marketing
Public Relations
Patient Policies
Healthcare Jobs

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Provider recruitment
Non-Clinical Staff Sourcing
Healthcare Jobs



IT Support
IT Procurement
Automation Projects
Platform/ Tech Selection
Healthcare Jobs

CFO Services

CFO Services

Financial Planning
Bookkeeping & Accounting
Payroll Management
Working Capital Management
Healthcare Jobs

Revenue Management Services

Revenue Management Services

Medical Billing & Collections
Benefit Verification & Prior Authorization
Care & Measurement-based models
Payor Contracts
Claims & Coding Analysis
Healthcare Jobs

Information Security

Information Security

HIPAA Compliance
Bookkeeping & Accounting
Cyber Security

Still Uncertain About Joining Neolytix?

You’re about to step into a world where growth is nurtured, success is celebrated, and mistakes are embraced as stepping stones to innovation. Have a look and see if our ethos resonates with you. Have a look at the summary of our blueprint to foster growth and excellence within our organization below.

Healthcare Jobs

Keep Work Enjoyable 

Pursuit of Happiness should drive us. Remember that work is not meant to be stressful. Keep the smile and work with the team to resolve stressful situations. Healthy work-life balance and value family time.

Help People Grow 

Invest in learning experiences and incentivize people to think independently. Provide opportunities to discover new areas in which they can excel. Facilitate mentor and mentee roles.

Make Mistakes, then Learn & Solve

Certain services are hard, manual processes, and are prone to mistakes. New day, new problems. We fail fast, then learn and bring a solution mindset to prevent the problem.

Respect & Integrity 

Treat everyone fairly with respect. Manage expectations proactively. Be the role model that everyone can take inspiration from.

Bring the Panoramic Approach to Work 

Know the big picture and understand how small things can make a big impact. Our holistic view of working across many functions provides us with that advantage.

Celebrate Client Success

Take pride in the contributions we make in the practice that is the lifeline of the American healthcare system. It’s okay to feel that we have had a part to play in their success.

Healthcare Jobs

Work Location Options To Bring Out the Best of YOU

Neolytix offers opportunities for both location-independent freelancers, as well as those that love working in a supportive, caring office environment. Join our job hotlist mailing list to become aware of new opportunities suited for you.

Global Footprint

We are currently expanding our footprint in Canada, India & the Philippines and looking for superstars like you to join our family.

Become part of a team that values your individuality and your contribution and is united in supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Tell us where you want to go, and we’ll do our best to get you there.

Free, ongoing education opportunities are available to improve your career growth.

Healthcare Jobs
Conversation of successful young co-workers

Location Independent Freelancers

Neolytix also offers limited positions to freelancers who love to work from the comfort of home.

Want to learn more about life as a freelancer? Download our free guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Neolytix is a boutique Management Services company. Which means that our clients rely on us heavily for expertise in processes and managing performance than our competitors. To that extent, we are a Knowledge Based Outsourcing company (KPO) as we invest in building well rounded and end to end knowledge in our team members.
Boutique companies spend more time and effort working with clients, educating them and providing a white glove service. Traditional companies do it too, but unlike boutique companies they do this only with large clients.
These are different paths. For some – it will be a better fit to work in a transaction processing environment where you are only responsible for a part of a job and you can become good at it in a short period of time. For others, who are looking to expand their knowledge and are more analytical – working in a KPO like Neolytix will be a more fulfilling experience.
These are different paths. For some – it will be a better fit to work in a transaction processing environment where you are only responsible for a part of a job and you can become good at it in a short period of time. For others, who are looking to expand their knowledge and are more analytical – working in a KPO like Neolytix will be a more fulfilling experience.
Neolytix is modeled to be a boutique, mid-tier consulting and business services company. Even the most senior partners in the company are involved with clients and help run those accounts in addition to their responsibilities. Much like Consulting firms like Deloitte, Bain Consulting etc. That is also why titles at Neolytix are different than titles found at other BPO companies.


Healthcare Jobs


Where We Want to Go

Healthcare Accounting Service Illinois

Over 11 Years of Non-Clinical Excellence

We will continue our dedication to building a team of satisfied clients and happy employees while dominating the Practice Management space for healthcare providers.

Since our inception, Neolytix has set its sights higher than simply making money. Our top priority is (and will continue to be) to bring people together in a manner where everyone involved benefits and is respected.

We will continue to contribute to the independence and success of healthcare providers by providing excellent service to our clients with happy team members to achieve results that everyone can feel proud of.

Here’s the Steppingstone to Your Better Tomorrow

If you are driven, passionate about living your best life, and ready to embrace a position where you can make a measurable difference, browse our Available Opportunities section or send your resume and cover letter to our careers team.

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