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Come work for Neolytix! We are a boutique business services company that caters to small and medium-sized healthcare practices across the country.

Our expert and entirely remote team is dedicated to providing top-quality services to all our healthcare clients. Our team is driven, passionate, and works without boundaries. We are based in Northwest Chicago but draw top talent from across the globe.

Neolytix offers medical practices the complete package of non-clinical support services. These include:

  • Medical Billing Services
  • Credentialing & Licensing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Virtual Nurses & Support Staff
  • Payroll & Accounting

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Our Mission

What we do?

We provide integrated, non-clinical business services for small & medium sized practices which drives a faster business impact for them.

How we do it?

By bringing in the experience of working with hundreds of practices nationwide, we are able to offer scalable, intelligent & cost effective business services to our clients.

Why we do it?

Neolytix is on a mission to enable the success of small private healthcare practices so they can continue to play the crucial role in serving the smaller communities they operate in.

Our Goals

We follow 5 goals of engagement for every client we work with:

  1. To bring industry-leading experience and knowledge to small healthcare practices.
  2. To provide solutions to business issues by designing outcome-based engagement models.
  3. To be proactive and prompt in communication and provide the best possible service experience.
  4. To foster positive, productive, and friendly relationships with all clients and team members.
  5. To maintain long-term relationships and serve as a valued, trusted advisor within practice management teams.

No matter the client, Neolytix strives to provide excellent service every time. We want to help small practices succeed. It’s why we got into this business in the first place.

Neolytix is currently building an expert team to take on all manner of healthcare administrative challenges.

If you’re interested in working for us or just looking for more information, please send your resume and a cover letter to the Careers Team.

Our History

Neolytix was born in 2012 as a small analytics platform for revenue cycle management (RCM). In 2013, we launched our medical billing business and began serving clients and growing organically.

In 2015, we supplemented our RCM services with professional consulting focused on providing management services to small healthcare practices.

Most recently, in 2018, Neolytix expanded its services and launched digital services  under the name of Practice Tech Solutions. The goal was to offer modern digital marketing and technology solutions focused on growing healthcare practices and enhancing patient experience.

The launch of Practice Tech Solutions brought Neolytix one step closer to our dream of becoming a management services organization (MSO). Today we offer end-to-end services to manage and grow a healthcare practice.

Our Vision

Why work for Neolytix? Because we are dedicated to building a team of satisfied clients and happy employees.

Since our inception, Neolytix has set its sights higher than simply making money. Our top priority is to bring people together. We work for our clients and with team members to achieve results that everyone can feel proud of.

Here are just a few reasons to consider working for Neolytix:

1. Pursuit of Happiness

We work to meet our personal financial obligations without that work dominating every aspect of our lives.

The world is changing, and businesses must change with it. At Neolytix, we believe in that personal  value.

We want you to have fun, take real satisfaction in your work, and achieve a genuine sense of well-being. We’ll give you the resources you need to excel.

It’s a simple concept: every team member deserves to pursue their own happiness.

2. Fair Compensation

Neolytix strives to offer fair compensation to all our employees & contractors.

We know that everyone’s time is their greatest resource, and we sincerely appreciate anyone and everyone who devotes their time working in our team.

Money is an important part of everyone’s duty to take care of their family – we want to support you in fulfilling that goal.

3. Sense of Accomplishment

Do you feel you are stuck in the rat race of pursuing better titles, higher increment than your peers and stressing about doing things normally “not you”?

Did you have a “A-Ha moment” where it dawned on you that what you are ending up doing is actually a dead end with no impact to anyone ?

If you are looking for creating an impact with your work in in smaller businesses who will value your contribution a lot more than  consider joining our team. 

De-stress your life, create a better work life balance and see how working with appreciative small businesses can be a game changer!

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4. Virtual Work

Virtual work is here to stay. But it is nothing new at Neolytix. We have been a virtual workforce company before virtual working was fashionable.

Virtual working is easy and convenient for everyone involved. It’s a great way to reduce costs for both employers and employees.

It benefits the environment by reducing commute and carbon footprint.

Neolytix is a strong believer in virtual work and its potential to boost productivity and employee satisfaction.

Neolytix is currently building an expert team to take on all manner of healthcare administrative challenges.

If you’re interested in working for us or just looking for more information, please send your resume and a cover letter to the Careers Team.