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Services for Healthcare Practices

We focus on Financial Outcomes

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About Us

Neolytix: Evolved Results

As a niche service provider, we service the needs of private healthcare providers. Our approach revolves around the following key principles:

Why work with a MSO and not specialist Suppliers?

Not Enough scale to justify Silo's

Large Corporations need specialists for functions because they have the scale. And then can invest in building communication & reporting governance so teams can work well together.

Smaller Organizations need people to work in a boundaryless manner more suited for entrepreneurial style teams.

Improve Accountability

Neolytix team takes accountability for ensuring the success of your practice, not just a supplier KPI.

Example - Many billing companies will provide guarantee on 99% clean claims, but will not take ownership of driving claims clean from your office.

Reduce Cost

When you work with one supplier, they can offer you better pricing as you scale up with them.

Working with a MSO style organization also opens you to manage all your costs as a % of your revenue, providing the consistency in profitability that every business needs.

Small Team Specialists

Our specialization is setting up, growing and helping small practices run profitably.

We have a small, flat team which works on making sure all aspects of running a successful operation are addressed.

About US

Non Clinical Management Services

  • Neolytix commenced operations in 2012
  • We provide Non Clinical business services to healthcare provider organizations & Medical Practices
  • Practice Tech Solutions is the Marketing & technology solutions division of Neolytix and works very closely with other cross functional teams
  • We work with several single and multi provider practices across various specializations
  • We focus on providing improved outcomes to the problems faced by medical practices
  • Our services include Licensing, Credentialing, Billing, Marketing, Technology, Compliance and Patient Experience solutions
  • Our solutions & recommendations synergize all non clinical processes with a single focus on improving financial outcomes for practice owners
About Neolytix