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Enjoy expedited licensing support to prevent service gridlock, to scale your healthcare business or to expand your telehealth services.

Neolytix Provide Nationwide Expedited Licensing Services to Accelerate Compliance

We understand the frustrations and operational bottlenecks caused by licensing and credentialing requirements. After 10+ years of supporting medical practices nationwide, we have become super efficient at speeding up these tedious processes.

Licensing Services for You and Your People

Physician Licensing

Non-Physician Licensing

DEA Licensing

CDS Licensing

CLIA Licensing

Group Licensing

Staffing Solutions

Physician Licensing
Faster compliance with minimal input required
Licensing support across all 50 states
Physicians, psychologists, dentists, psychiatrists, etc.
Guaranteed privacy of personal information
Non-Physician Licensing
Minimize employment-to-compliance time of personnel
Fill vacancies faster by recruiting out of state
For clinical nurse specialists, physician assistants, etc
DEA Licensing
Prescribe controlled medications legally
Physicians, registered nurses, physician assistants, etc.
Continuous tracking and checking to fast-track process
CDS Licensing
Prescribe controlled medications legally
Ensure your state doesn’t require CDS on top of DEA licensing
Consultation and expideted CDS licensing service provided
CLIA Licensing
Ensure quality compliant clinical laboratory testing
Find out if the testing you do at your premises requires CLIA licensing
Consultation and expedited CDS licensing service provided
Group Licensing
Discover if your organization requires group licensing
Learn the difference between group licensing and individual licensing
Receive consultations for speedy compliance if need be.
Staffing Solutions
Find resolve for the labor shortage in your state
Recruit from across state borders and obtain licensing fast for new recruits
Delegate talent sourcing to Neolytix accompanied by expedited licensing and credentialing

Why Medical Providers Prefer
working with Neolytix

We understand the frustration caused by bottlenecks. Our expert teams, harnessed with best-in-class technology, have mastered the processes of obtaining all different types of medical licenses through years of experience.

Fast and Affordable

  • Reduced license processing time 
  • Proactive monitoring, follow-ups, and reporting 
  • Minimizing the time and effort required by the provider 

All-in-One Compliance Services

  • Combine different services to streamline compliance processes 
  • Expedited licensing for individuals and organizations
  • Fast-tracked credentialing with payors 

Pro-Active Continuous Service

  • Keeping track of renewals for medical licensing 
  • Auto-renewal of credentialing with minimal input from the provider 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Unfortunately, there is no straight answer. The processing of applications varies between states, and some high-volume states such as Texas, Florida, California, New York, etc. may take longer than others. 

In addition, seasonality plays a factor. The volume of applications may increase during certain times of the year, which could slow down the process.  

The verification of professional history and work history relating to malpractice claims, convictions etc., could add additional time to the processing of the applications. 

On average, the process takes can take anything between 8 to 12 weeks. That is another reason why you want Neolytix on your side. To prevent snags that could increase this already lengthy process. 

Neolytix’s services are HIPAA compliant, fulfilling the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, its subsequent amendments, and any related legislation such as the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. 

For more information regarding our information security and integrity, click here.  

  • Physician Licensing 
  • Non-Physician Licensing 
  • DEA Licensing 
  • CDS Licensing 
  • CLIA Licensing 
  • Group Licensing Consultation 

Click here to read more about the different types of licenses, or for more information regarding the different licenses and requirements, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.  

A National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, is a 10-digit number that serves as an Administrative Simplification Standard under HIPAA.  

It something completely separate from a license number and the NPI does not replace any other number, including medical license numbers, tax identifier, social security number, DEA, etc.  

Click here to read more about NPIs and Medical Credentialing. 

No. The medical board fees vary so drastically from state to state that it is not possible to include them in our price as it would disadvantage those applying in cheaper states. For instance, the cost amounts to $1384, $350 in Florida, and $150 in Alabama. 

You will be billed by the state separately once your application is approved or through whatever other stages are stipulated by the specific state.  


Neolytix’s time-saving process for all your
licensing and credentialing needs

Schedule a Free-No, Obligation Consultation

  • Get confirmation on all your licensing requirements 
  • Learn more about the licensing processes and affordable rates 
  • Get answers to your credentialing questions

Data Collection and Submission

  • Our expert teams know the process by heart and will use very little of your time to collect the necessary information 
  • Application completed and sent to relevant parties

Become Compliant

  • Follow-up to expedite service with regular feedback on progress.  
  • Licensing finalized and delivered to you

Neolytix provides licensing services for every step in the organization’s growth cycle.

Whether optimizing your current operations or taking the next step towards growth, we understand and care about the smooth running of operations within your organization.

Benefits & Prior Authorizations
Ensuring smooth continuity of services

Neolytix is passionate about ensuring your organization always stays on top of the game by:

  1. Ensuring that your business and people are 100% compliant.
  2. Minimize onboarding time when replacing staff with expedited licensing and credentialing services
  3. Allowing you to source talent across state borders and get them billable fast
  4. Reducing compliance stress by automating licensing and credentialing renewals
Licensing Service
Growing your healthcare organization

For 11+ years, Neolytix has helped healthcare organizations achieve their growth goals by:

  1. Consulting and assisting in long-term recruitment and process planning
  2. Providing fast licensing and credentialing services to accommodate growth goals
  3. Assist in sourcing local and cross-state talent

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