Medical Coding Audit Services

An Audit Program That Drives Compliance and Improvements in Your Practice

Audits can have a negative connotation, but building a culture of improvement starts with data-based coaching for providers

medical coding audit services

Neolytix Medical Coding Audit Services

Boost Your Coding Accuracy and Revenue with a Neolytix's Coding Audit

Are you confident that your providers are coding charts correctly? Is the documentation complete? Is medical necessity being documented? Are you getting paid accurately for the exceptional care you provide? Don’t let coding oversights hold you back from maximizing your revenue potential and reducing audit risks that can put provider licenses in jeopardy.

Neolytix empowers healthcare providers to take control of their coding practices with comprehensive medical coding audit and improvement services that enables improvement in:

Neolytix identifies potential deficiencies and creates a custom quality improvement plan based on your requirements. Combine our Coding Education initiative with the Coding Audit service to build a culture of excellence in your healthcare organization.

Neolytix’s Coding Audit & Education Service

Efficiently identifying and rectifying coding errors is crucial to ensure accurate payment, minimize claim denials, and ultimately maximize reimbursement. Our team is adept at spotting inefficiencies and promptly addressing them, guaranteeing optimal revenue generation. By leveraging our expertise through audits and learning from our experts, your organization can optimize its coding processes, leading to enhanced financial outcomes and improved revenue performance.

Neolytix's Audit

Enhance Coding Accuracy and Revenue

Identify and rectify coding errors to ensure accurate payment, reduce claim denials, and maximize reimbursement—trends inefficiencies identified and reported.
Measure risks at a provider & facility level, identify compliance gaps, implement corrective measures, and adhere to industry standards for coding guidelines and regulations. We have team members dedicated to sounding the alarm on industry compliance changes.
Thoroughly evaluate coding practices, provider documentation, and code compliance to provide actionable insights and recommendations for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.
Mitigate potential risks by addressing inaccuracies, ensuring compliance, and safeguarding your organization’s reputation and financial well-being.
Ongoing training & education in how to code charts correctly is the backbone of providing better care to your patients. It is one of the least invested areas in practices. Ongoing monitoring & feedback will help them and you in building a world-class organization.

Neolytix's Coding
Education Service

Master the Art of Coding

Combine our Audit Service without Coding Education Service to empower your teams to learn from their past and improve to create a solid revenue-improvement road into the future. (Coding Education Service is also available as a stand-alone service)
Our experienced coding professionals provide expert mentorship, sharing real-world insights to help your providers master coding and implement new coding strategies successfully.
Neolytix’s coding education is presented by experts with years of experience. Our program covers ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, and more, meeting the needs of beginners and experienced providers.
Access our experience and extensive library of coding materials, software, and tools for accuracy and staying up to date. This is in addition to the invaluable tacit knowledge provided by our coding connoisseurs.
Receive continuous support and connect with a community of coders for growth and collaboration.

Build a Data-Driven Healthcare Organization by Adding Coding Analytics Services

Reviewing charts and encounters is all great when looking for providing point opportunities for improvement, but that often misses the big picture. With thousands of codes billed every month, it is hard to establish trends when trying to analyze data due to the sheer volume. Neolytix Analytics team uses large data solutions to assimilate, model and present simple to understand trends in visual charts. That makes it easy for healthcare organizations to drive strategic improvements in revenue and compliance.
Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Connect to healthcare data sources, such as electronic health records (EHR) systems or claims data, and extract relevant information for auditing purposes. It allows users to explore the data, identify patterns, trends, and anomalies related to medical coding.


Get a wide range of visualizations and interactive tools to view the audit findings effectively. Create dashboards and reports that display key metrics, coding accuracy rates, compliance status, and other relevant information. Can include charts, tables, and graphs , etc.

Monitoring & Tracking

Monitor and track coding accuracy and compliance over time. Set up data refresh schedules to ensure that the latest data is available for analysis. With automated data refresh and real-time dashboards, auditors can monitor coding patterns, identify trends, and take corrective actions as necessary.

Collaboration & Reporting

Collaborate with other team members or stakeholders by sharing reports and dashboards. Auditors and providers can share them with relevant individuals or departments within the organization. This promotes transparency and facilitates communication during the coding optimization process.

Coding Accuracy Rates

Analyze coding data and calculate accuracy rates by comparing the coded diagnoses and procedures to the documentation or coding guidelines.

Detect discrepancies, identify incorrect codes, and measure the overall accuracy of the coding process.

Coding Patterns and Variations

Uncover coding patterns and variations within the coding data.

We can identify instances where certain codes are consistently overused or underused, which could indicate coding errors, incorrect interpretations, or potential fraud or abuse.

Coding Productivity and Performance

Track and monitor coding productivity metrics, such as the number of records coded per hour or per coder.

We can provide insights into individual or team performance, identify bottlenecks, and help optimize coding processes.

Audit Trail and Documentation

Analyze coding audit trails and documentation to ensure proper documentation and coding practices are followed.

We can help identify missing or incomplete documentation, lack of supporting evidence for code assignments, or instances where coding edits or changes were made without proper justification.

Inspect, Detect & Improve

Fine-tune the financial mechanisms in your healthcare organization to ensure continuous future financial health with Neolytix’s Coding & Audit Billing Services

What Could a Medical Coding Audit Discover?

We often ask: How could I benefit from a coding audit? Below we illustrate some of the benefits of how healthcare organizations can directly benefit from receiving a coding audit from an external expert company like Neolytix.

ID Coding Errors

The audit may identify where incorrect codes have been assigned, leading to potential unbundling, undercoding or overcoding. This finding helps providers ensure accurate code selection in the future, reducing claim denials and compliance risks.

Documentation Insufficiencies

The audit may reveal gaps in physician documentation, such as missing or incomplete information necessary for accurate code assignment. Use this feedback to improve documentation practices, ensuring that all relevant details are captured to support appropriate code selection.

Reimbursement Opportunities

The audit may uncover areas where providers have missed opportunities for proper reimbursement. This could involve services that were not appropriately captured or codes that were overlooked.

Compliance Issues

The audit may identify instances of non-compliance with coding guidelines and regulations, such as unbundling, upcoding, or other improper coding practices. Providers can address these compliance issues to mitigate potential financial and legal risks.

Coding Process Efficiency

The audit may reveal inefficiencies or bottlenecks in the coding process, such as delays in coding turnaround time or inconsistencies in coding practices across different departments. Providers can use these findings to implement process improvements and standardize coding procedures, leading to a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Staff Training Needs

The audit may identify areas where coding staff would benefit from additional training or education. This finding helps providers focus on targeted training initiatives to enhance the skills and knowledge of their coding team, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Neolytix Medical Coding Audit Services

Invest in Cost and Revenue Transformation Strategies to Secure Your Financial Future

Invest in Cost and Revenue Transformation Strategies to Secure Your Financial Future

Make an impact on your coding processes and revenue or opt for a global revenue and cost transformation initiative by utilizing Neolytix’s RCM services.

Medical Coding and Billing forms part of the greater revenue cycle of healthcare organizations. Although optimizing smaller parts of the revenue cycle certainly contributes to a better outcome, more can be achieved when the revenue cycle as a whole is adapted and optimized in such a way that every moving part complements the other.

This revenue cycle management approach causes a cost and revenue transformation that will affect the bottom line and gear the organization toward future success.

After 11 years of helping healthcare organizations nationwide get a firm grip on their revenue cycles, Neolytix has become renowned throughout the industry for its results-driven approach and amicable manner of doing business.

Neolytix’s RCM service includes Medical Coding Audits and Coding Education.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Medical coding auditing includes a comprehensive review of medical coding practices to ensure accuracy, compliance with coding guidelines, and adherence to regulatory requirements. It helps healthcare providers identify potential coding errors, improve coding accuracy, and minimize risks associated with coding audits and claims denials.

In short – No. Every provider is held accountable when they are issued a license/ NPI to ensure that correct claims are submitted and reflect the services provided – irrespective of who submits the claim. That is also why over or under-coding presents a significant risk to Healthcare Organizations.

Medical coding auditing plays a crucial role in maintaining accurate documentation, optimizing revenue, and mitigating compliance risks. It helps medical providers identify areas for improvement, reduce coding errors, ensure proper reimbursement, and maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Maintaining rigorous compliance programs not only ensures accurate and transparent coding but also mitigates the risks of financial penalties and reputational damage. Engaging in regular medical coding audits becomes a strategic imperative, offering providers a comprehensive assessment of their coding accuracy and the effectiveness of their compliance programs.

At Neolytix, we provide comprehensive medical coding auditing services tailored to the specific needs of healthcare providers nationwide. Our expert auditors conduct thorough reviews of coding practices, assess compliance with coding guidelines, identify potential areas of improvement, and deliver detailed reports and recommendations for enhancing coding accuracy and compliance. In addition, there is the coding education option where we can teach your teams to become more skilled and disciplined going forward. Scroll back to learn more about Neolytix’s Medical Coding Audit & Education services.
Absolutely! Neolytix offers specialized medical coding education and training programs designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of professional healthcare providers. Our training sessions cover relevant codes, documentation guidelines, compliance requirements, and best practices. We provide customized training solutions to meet the unique needs of medical providers and their coding staff.
Medical coding education equips medical coding professionals with the latest industry knowledge, coding guidelines, and regulatory updates. It helps enhance coding accuracy, improves productivity, reduces coding errors, ensures compliance, and prepares medical coding teams for coding certifications and career advancement opportunities.

Neolytix offers a range of educational resources, including on-site training, webinars, workshops, and access to our online learning platform. Our experienced instructors provide engaging and interactive sessions that cater to different skill levels and coding specialties. We can tailor our educational programs to meet your specific requirements and help your coding team stay up-to-date with industry changes and best practices.

The healthcare provider’s own team conducts internal medical coding audits to evaluate and improve internal coding processes, accuracy, and compliance. In contrast, external medical coding audits are performed by independent third parties to provide an unbiased assessment of coding practices, compliance, and adherence to industry guidelines and regulations.

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