Medical Coding Audit Services

Enhance Practice Compliance with Medical Coding Audit

Audits can have a negative connotation, but building a culture of improvement starts with data-based coaching for providers

Boost Your Coding Accuracy and Revenue with a Neolytix's Coding Audit

Are you confident that your providers are coding charts correctly? Is the documentation complete? Are you documenting medical necessity?

Are you getting paid accurately for the exceptional care you provide? Avoid coding mistakes to increase your revenue, and be prepared for a healthcare coding audit without risking provider licenses. 

Neolytix helps healthcare providers improve their coding practices by offering comprehensive coding audits and improvement services. This helps with accuracy, documentation, revenue, coding risk, and compliance.

medical coding audit services

Neolytix’s Coding Audit & Education Service

Identifying and rectifying coding errors is crucial to ensure accurate payment, minimize claim denials, and maximize reimbursement. Our team is adept at spotting shortcomings and promptly addressing them, guaranteeing optimal revenue generation. Your organization can improve its coding processes by using our knowledge and learning from our experts. This improvement will lead to better financial results and increased revenue.

Coding & Compliance Audit

Identify and rectify coding errors to ensure accurate payment, reduce claim denials, and maximize reimbursement—trends inefficiencies identified and reported.

Identify and rectify coding errors to ensure accurate payment, reduce claim denials, and maximize reimbursement—trends inefficiencies identified and reported.

Assess risks at provider and facility levels, find gaps in compliance, fix issues, and follow coding guidelines and regulations. We have team members dedicated to sounding the alarm on industry compliance changes.

Thoroughly evaluate coding practices, provider documentation, and code compliance to provide actionable insights and recommendations for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Mitigate potential risks by addressing inaccuracies, ensuring compliance, and safeguarding your organization’s reputation and financial well-being.

Investing in ongoing training and education for accurate chart coding is a cornerstone of delivering superior patient care. Despite its significance, this area is often under-prioritized in healthcare practices. Implementing ongoing monitoring and feedback mechanisms can play a pivotal role in advancing your organization.

Coding Education Service

You can combine our Audit Service and Coding Education Service. This will help your teams learn from the past and improve. This will also create a strong path for increasing revenue in the future. (Coding Education Service is also available as a stand-alone service)

You can combine our Audit Service and Coding Education Service. This will help your teams learn from the past and improve. This will also create a strong path for increasing revenue in the future. (Coding Education Service is also available as a stand-alone service)

Our coding experts help your providers learn to code and apply new coding strategies effectively with guidance and support.

Neolytix’s coding education is presented by experts with years of experience. Our program covers ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, and more, meeting the needs of beginners and experienced providers.

Access our experience and extensive library of coding materials, software, and tools for accuracy and staying up to date. This is in addition to the invaluable tacit knowledge provided by our coding connoisseurs. 

Receive continuous support and connect with a community of coders for growth and collaboration.

medical coding audit services

Build a Data-Driven Healthcare Organization

With thousands of medical codes billed monthly, it is hard to establish trends when analyzing data because of the sheer volume.

Neolytix’s Analytics team uses large amounts of data to analyze and show trends in easy-to-understand charts. That makes it easy for healthcare organizations to drive strategic improvements in revenue and compliance.

medical coding audit services

Data Analysis

  • Connect to healthcare data sources, such as electronic health records (EHR) systems or claims data, and extract relevant information for auditing purposes.
  • It allows users to explore the data, identify patterns, trends, and anomalies related to medical coding.
medical coding audit services

Visual Presentation

  • Visual displays and interactive tools to view the audit findings effectively.
  • Create dashboards and reports that display key metrics, coding accuracy rates, compliance status, and other relevant information. Can include charts, tables, graphs, etc.
medical coding audit services

Monitoring & Tracking

  • Monitor and track coding accuracy and compliance over time.
  • Set up data refresh schedules to ensure the latest data is available for analysis.
  • Auditors can use technology to monitor coding patterns, identify trends, and take corrective actions in real-time.
medical coding audit services

Collaboration & Reporting

  • Collaborate with other team members or stakeholders by sharing reports and dashboards.
  • Auditors and providers can share them with relevant individuals or departments within the organization. This promotes transparency and facilitates communication during the coding optimization process.

Inspect, Detect & Improve

Improve your healthcare organization’s financial systems for ongoing financial stability with Neolytix’s Coding and Audit Services.

Ensure Long-Term Medical Coding Accuracy & Optimal Reimbursements

  • Calculate Coding Accuracy Rates: Detect discrepancies, identify incorrect codes, and measure the overall accuracy of the coding process. 
  • Track & Monitor Coding Productivity: We can provide insights into individual or team performance, identify bottlenecks, and help optimize coding processes. 
  • Uncover Coding Variations & Defect Trends: We can find cases where CPT codes are overused or underused. This could indicate mistakes, misunderstandings, or potential fraudulent billing.
  • Ensure Proper Documentation & Coding Practices: Identify missing or incomplete documentation, lack of supporting evidence for codes (CPT Code, CDT Codes, NDT Codes, NDC Codes) assignments, or instances where coding edits or changes were made without a good reason.
cpt icd

What Could a Medical Coding Audit Discover?

medical coding audit services

We often ask: How could I benefit from a Neolytix audit services?

Here are some advantages of healthcare organizations getting a healthcare coding and compliance audit from an external expert company like Neolytix.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Medical coding auditing includes a comprehensive review of medical coding practices to ensure accuracy, compliance with coding guidelines, and adherence to regulatory requirements. It helps healthcare providers find coding mistakes, improve accuracy, and reduce risks with audits and claim denials.

It is recommended that medical practices conduct regular audits, with the frequency depending on the size of the practice and the volume of coding activities. Quarterly or semi-annual audits are common to ensure ongoing compliance and identify potential issues proactively. 

The cost and duration of a medical coding audit vary based on the scope, size of the practice, and the complexity of coding processes. Generally, costs can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, and the timeline may span several weeks to months, depending on the depth of the audit. 

While small practices may attempt internal audits, engaging a certified coding expert or an external audit service is advisable for thorough and unbiased assessments. Professionals bring specialized knowledge and objectivity, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of coding practices.

When choosing an auditor or audit company, consider their certification, experience, and reputation in the healthcare industry. Look for professionals familiar with the specific coding and compliance requirements relevant to your medical specialty. Additionally, seek references and testimonials to ensure the credibility and effectiveness of their audit services.

In short – No. All providers must follow the rules and submit accurate claims. This applies to everyone, regardless of who submits the claims. It is a requirement when they receive a license or NPI. That is also why over or under-coding presents a significant risk to healthcare organizations.

Medical coding auditing plays a crucial role in maintaining accurate documentation, optimizing revenue, and mitigating compliance risks. It helps medical providers identify areas for improvement, reduce coding errors, ensure proper reimbursement, and maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Maintaining rigorous compliance programs ensures accurate and transparent coding and mitigates the risks of financial penalties and credibility damage. Regular medical coding audits are important for providers to assess their coding accuracy and compliance programs.

Neolytix provides various educational resources like in-person training, online webinars, workshops, and access to our e-learning platform. Our experienced instructors provide engaging and interactive sessions that cater to different skill levels and coding specialties. We can tailor our educational programs to meet your specific needs. Additionally, we can ensure that your coding team stays informed about industry changes and best practices

The healthcare provider’s team does internal audits to improve coding accuracy and compliance. External medical coding audits are done by independent third parties external auditor to assess coding practices, compliance, and adherence to guidelines and regulations.

Neolytix dedicated team of medical billing and coding experts number one priority is to help healthcare providers identify and correct coding errors, ensuring a streamlined and error-free billing process.

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