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Improve RCM and Patient Experience Where It Matters Most

Neolytix Patient Access Services provide hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physician groups, clinics etc. the platform to optimize revenue, efficiency, and the patient experience right from the start of the revenue cycle.
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Strengthen Your Revenue Cycle Right from the Start

Patient Access encompasses the department overseeing new patient intake, managing tasks such as registration, insurance verification, billing, admissions, and cash collection. Essentially, function serves as the meeting point of the patient, provider, and payor.

Neolytix introduces an innovative data-driven Patient Access Solution for hospitals, ambulatory care centers, clinics, etc., to strengthen one of the primary pillars of the revenue cycle.  

With the help of AI-Assisted communication analysis and robotic process automation (RPA) we help improve the patient experience while simultaneously reducing costs and improving reimbursements. 

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Revolutionizing Patient Journeys With Advanced
Patient Access Solutions

Building and maintaining a stellar in-house patient access team isn’t easy. High turnover rates and overworked personnel lead to errors, disruptions, and affects patient interaction. The quality of service at the start of the revenue cycle affects the entire revenue cycle thereafter. Neolytix provides virtual teams, harnessed with cutting edge technology and monitored extensively to optimize patient access services that fuels the success of the entire revenue cycle.

patient access services

Streamlined Patient Registration & Scheduling

  • Our virtual teams, equipped with advanced technology, ensure accurate and efficient handling of patient information right from the start, contributing to a seamless revenue cycle.
  • Omnichannel capabilities means patients can contact the organization through the platform of their choice. 
  • All communications are recorded for quality purposes and analyzed by AI to determine the patient sentiment.  
Friendly staff assisting patients with appointment scheduling
staff assisting patients with registration and access

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

  • With Neolytix, eligibility and benefits verification become precise and swift. Our virtual teams leverage cutting-edge technology to verify patient insurance information, minimizing errors and ensuring that the revenue cycle begins with accurate data.
  • Optional Robotic Automation (RPA) can be implemented to improve efficacy, speed and accuracy.
  • RPA can extract relevant patient information from various sources, such as electronic health records (EHRs) or registration forms. Bots can then enter this data into eligibility verification systems, ensuring accuracy and reducing the chances of manual errors. 

Seamless Prior Authorizations Process

  • Neolytix specializes in handling prior authorizations seamlessly. Our virtual teams navigate the complexities of the authorization process efficiently, ensuring that necessary approvals are obtained promptly, facilitating a smoother revenue cycle.
  • Improving prior authorizations reduces denials, A/R, and the administrative costs associated with the time spent on appeals.
  • Neolytix Patient Access teams have dedicated supervisors overseeing daily operations, ensuring that prior authorizations are done fast and efficiently.  
seamless check-in process for medical appointments
Accessing medical records online with secure patient portals

Comprehensive Medical Triage Support

  • Patient Access members can help with urgent appointments and prescription refills, answer general questions, and support patient recovery. 
  • In addition, our team members assist with referrals to specialists and follow-ups to ensure patient satisfaction. 
  • Our Spanish/English specialists serve as vital communication links, fostering trust, and patient satisfaction by ensuring effective medical communication in both languages. 

Telemedicine Integration for Accessibility

  • Our virtual teams are adept at seamlessly incorporating telemedicine processes into the broader patient access framework, thereby enhancing accessibility and fostering meaningful patient engagement.
  • This includes coordinating virtual appointments, managing patient schedules, and providing technical assistance to both healthcare providers and patients. 
  • As part of our virtual teams, registered nurses collaborate with healthcare providers to conduct virtual assessments, provide medical guidance, and offer compassionate support to patients. 
Modern technology improving accessibility
A healthcare provider reviewing patient data through remote monitoring

Effortless Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a healthcare technology enabling providers to monitor patient health data remotely, including vital signs, medication adherence, and more. 
  • Neolytix provides Medicare-approved devices and takes care of the distribution as well as patient education and monitoring of vitals. 
  • No upfront investment; you only pay for successful reimbursements. This makes our RPM services a risk-free, patient-centric solution to generate revenue. 

Simplified Onboarding Process

Learn how Neolytix streamlines the onboarding process and get your services up and running in no time.

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Select Options

Customize your Patient Access according to your healthcare organization’s needs.

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Communications Platform Setup

Use our platform or bring your own solution. The choice is yours.

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Expedited Training

Our patient access teams are pre-trained so you don’t have to. Al job responsibilities, onboarding, etc. are streamlined and monitored by dedicated onboarding managers.

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Go Live

That’s it. No long-term contracts, no fuss. Scale up or down when you want, and enjoy on-demand reporting along the way.

Tailored Patient Access Services for Diverse
Healthcare Settings

Regardless of your demand, Neolytix Patient Access Services can fill your order. We understand the demand variations within larger healthcare organizations and provide consultation services to plan and prevent disruptions caused by demand fluctuations. Regardless of your capacity, or scaling demands, our teams are agile enough to adapt to your needs.
patient access services

Why Choose Neolytix’s Patient Access Services?

With over 11 years of serving the healthcare industry, Neolytix has become a trusted partner for healthcare organizations nationwide. 

no long commitment va
Flexible Partnership

Enjoy the flexibility of no long-term contracts. Adjust service hours according to demand fluctuations, providing control over your PA processes. 

save more va
70% Cost Reduction

Neolytix Patient Access services entails fee-for-service only. This eliminates costs associated with absences like vacations and sick days and other costs like training, licenses, equipment, etc. 

24/7 available
Round-the-Clock Availability
Neolytix Patient Access teams cater to your patient’s needs, ensuring support beyond regular office hours.
hipaa compliance
AI-Assisted Quality Control

All calls are recorded and analyzed by AI for patient sentiment analysis, ensuring continuous communication improvements.

multifunctional roles assistant
Optional RPA Efficiency

With Neolytix RPA capabilities, you can customize workflows and implement RPA solutions where you want to improve efficiency and accuracy.  

Intuitive Analysis & Reporting

Neolytix is all about data-driven decisions. Our Patient Access services are meticulously monitored and reported on (on-demand or scheduled reports), empowering you with the data to make informed decisions. 

patient access services

Comprehensive Support Package: 4 Services for the Price of 1

Minimize future disruptions with a Backup Patient Access Representative, included free with most plans. Supervisors overseeing daily operations and providing help are also included. Audits are done on work performed by a dedicated Quality Auditor.

You pay for the Primary Patient Access Representative.   

But the following services are complementary: 

  • Backup Patient Access Representative  
  • Operations Supervisor  
  • Quality Auditor 

Our focus is to minimize disruptions and control costs while helping to reduce errors and disruptions to continuously improve the revenue cycle and patient experience. 

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Listen to what our clients have to say

Sarah Charmchi
Sarah Charmchi
I chose Neolytix for credentialing our practice. The team was knowledgeable, responsive and kind and supported us through the process. I would certainly recommend their services.
Sue Robbins
Sue Robbins
Neolytix has helped so much with our outstanding A/R. They are always so very willing to help and complete the task in a timely manner.
We transitioned to Neolytix a while back, having come from a billing company we were less than thrilled about. The people here have been very responsive to our needs and requests, and adapt quickly to whatever curve balls our practice throws them. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, and take the attitude that our success is their success.
Sandy M
Sandy M
I was a new office manager for a private practice when I hired Neolytix for credentialing assistance. Eden has been very thorough and helpful every step of the way. insurance credentialing can be so overwhelming at times, that having this task off my plate has given me a peace of mind. I know she is handling everything. Always quick to respond to questions or concerns.
Cheryl Lambert
Cheryl Lambert
Neolytix is the most professional and hard working billing company I have ever been partners with . I call them a partner because they truly are. Neolytix makes sure what they bill is accurate. Their knowledge of physician billing is outstanding. The entire team takes control and does what is necessary to make sure you get paid.

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