Healthcare Analytics Service

An MRI for All Your Healthcare Organization’s Moving Parts

Elevate operational efficiency, optimize revenue streams, and drive exceptional patient care with cutting-edge insights into your healthcare organization.

Unleash the Power of Data-Driven Insights At Your Healthcare Organization

Neolytix offers healthcare providers the opportunity to seamlessly integrate data intelligence to boost operational excellence, maximize revenue opportunities, and deliver exceptional healthcare outcomes.

Custom Reports & Analysis for Revenue

Identifying Revenue Management Opportunities

Get tailored analytics solutions that unlock hidden opportunities and drive financial growth. Our team of experienced analysts and data experts work closely with your organization to identify key revenue drivers, mitigate financial risks, and enhance reimbursement processes. We offer a comprehensive suite of analytics solutions that encompass:
Healthcare Analytics Service
Code Level Analytics (1)

Code Level Analytics

Our advanced analytics tools dig deep into your billing and coding data, identifying patterns, trends, and potential areas of improvement.

By analyzing codes, modifiers, and documentation, we help you optimize your coding practices, reduce denials, and maximize reimbursement.

Payer Level Analytics

Payer Level Analytics

Our custom reports provide insights into payer performance, helping you evaluate contract terms, identify underpayments, and negotiate better reimbursement rates.

By leveraging our analytics capabilities, you gain a competitive edge in managing payer relationships and improving revenue streams.

Denials & Rejection

Denials & Rejection Management

We streamline the claims rejection process by analyzing rejection patterns, pinpointing root causes, and implementing proactive measures.

Our customized reports and recommendations help you reduce claim denials, accelerate cash flow, and minimize revenue leakage.

Contract Compliance (1)

Contract Compliance

Our analytics solutions enable you to monitor and ensure compliance with contract terms and conditions.

We help you identify potential compliance gaps, track performance metrics, and optimize contractual relationships to maximize revenue.

Learn the Secrets of your Healthcare Organization

Neolytix Reporting & Analytics Services allow you to explore every inch of your organization

Power BI for Big Data

Turn Vast Amounts of Data into Valued Resources

We offer a comprehensive solution by leveraging Microsoft Power BI to transform raw data into actionable insights. Our Power BI for Big Data service empowers healthcare organizations to harness the power of data and make informed decisions that drive operational efficiency and strategic growth.

We offer a comprehensive suite of analytics solutions that encompass:

  • Code level analytics,
  • Payer level analytics,
  • Rejection Management of Claims,
  • Contract compliance, and more.
Code Level Analytics (1)

Data Integration and Consolidation

Our experts seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources, including Electronic Health Records (EHRs), claims systems, financial databases, and more.

We consolidate this disparate data into a centralized platform, ensuring a comprehensive view of your organization’s performance.

Powerful Analytics and Visualization

Powerful Analytics and Visualization

With Power BI’s robust analytics capabilities, we transform complex data into intuitive visualizations and interactive dashboards.

This empowers healthcare providers to easily identify trends, patterns, and outliers, enabling data-driven decision-making across all levels of the organization.

Real Time Monitoring and Reporting

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

Power BI’s real-time monitoring features provide up-to-date insights into key metrics and performance indicators.

Whether it’s monitoring patient volumes, revenue cycles, or operational efficiency, our service equips you with the tools to proactively identify issues and take immediate action.

Predective Analytics and Forecasting

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

Our Power BI solutions leverage advanced analytics techniques to generate predictive models and forecasts.

By analyzing historical data, we help you anticipate trends, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize resource allocation for improved operational planning.

Advanced Visualization

Gain Clear Insights From Complex Datasets

Our Advanced Visualization service goes beyond traditional charts and graphs, offering innovative techniques to transform data into meaningful and actionable visual representations.

With our expertise in advanced visualization, we help healthcare organizations unlock the true potential of their data and drive informed decision-making.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards

Our advanced visualization solutions include interactive dashboards that provide a dynamic and user-friendly interface to explore and interact with your data.
Through intuitive filtering and drill-down capabilities, you can dive deep into your data, revealing hidden trends, correlations, and outliers.

Customized Visualizations

We understand that healthcare data is unique, and off-the-shelf visualization tools may not capture the nuances of your industry-specific metrics.
Our team of experts works closely with you to develop customized visualizations tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you can effectively communicate complex information and insights.

Data Storytelling

Visualizations are powerful storytelling tools. We go beyond static charts by creating compelling narratives with your data.
By combining visuals, annotations, and contextual information, we help you communicate your data-driven insights to diverse audiences, facilitating better understanding and decision-making.

Realy Time Data Monitoring

Real-time Data Monitoring

Stay up-to-date with the latest information through real-time data monitoring and visualization.
Our solutions allow you to track key performance indicators, operational metrics, and patient outcomes in real-time, empowering you to identify trends and anomalies as they happen and take immediate action.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Neolytix Reporting & Analytics Services allow you to make sense of Big Data to support strategic decision-making.

Integrations EHR systems

Enhance workflows with anywhere-accessible EHR data

Our Integrations with most common Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems service ensures that your organization’s valuable data is effortlessly synchronized and accessible across platforms.

By leveraging our expertise in EHR integrations, we enable healthcare providers to streamline workflows, enhance data accuracy, and improve patient care coordination.

Enhanced Care Coordination

Enhanced Care Coordination

Our integrations facilitate improved care coordination by providing a comprehensive view of patient data from various sources.

This enables healthcare providers to access up-to-date patient information, make informed clinical decisions, and deliver personalized care plans for better patient outcomes.

Bi-Directional Data Flow

Bi-Directional Data Flow

Our integrations enable a bi-directional flow of data between your EHR system and other applications or databases.

This means that information can be extracted from your EHR system for analysis, reporting, and visualization, while updates or relevant data can be automatically sent back to the EHR system for real-time updates and improved data accuracy.

Streamlined Workflows

Streamlined Workflows

By integrating your EHR system with other applications or databases, we eliminate the need for manual data entry or data transfer between systems.

This streamlines workflows, reduces administrative burden, and frees up valuable time for healthcare professionals to focus on delivering quality patient care.

Data Consistency and Accuracy

Data Consistency and Accuracy

Our integrations facilitate improved care coordination by providing a comprehensive view of patient data from various sources.

This enables healthcare providers to access up-to-date patient information, make informed clinical decisions, and deliver personalized care plans for better patient outcomes.

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