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Medical Billing for
Mental Health Services

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Challenging the Traditional Billing Services Model

We Address Gaps Commonly Found in Traditional Billing Services


Billing is not something a service provider can single handedly turn around for you. Improvement in results requires partnership and care. Our high touch engagement model is a key differentiator that creates an impact.​


We are small practice billing specialists. We don’t work with Hospitals or large healthcare systems. We have been providing billing services for over 10 years as a company.

Advice & Training

One of the big reasons our clients love us is that we are available to help, educate and enhance the capability of our client practices. Constantly updated news articles, updates on coding guidelines and sharing of information across our clients which can impact your small practice in diverse areas.

Performance Management

Services which are measurable, improvements which can be proven and suggestions that will create a real impact on your practice.


Medical Billing for Mental Health Services Doesn't Have To Be Difficult and Complex

We Give You Transparency Where It Matters Most

01. Behavioral Health Billing

There are many subdivisions when it comes to mental health. We are able to help tackle your billing needs for psychologist, psychotherapy, psychiatry, therapy, pediatric therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and more!

Best Medical Billing Services in Chicago; Records Documentation Requirements for Speech Therapy Medical Billing​

02.Code Claims

Cleaning up your codes can significantly increase your reimbursement rates. They are necessary for avoiding audits and receiving payments. We know how to bill for the correct codes. Lets help you get a clean code.

03.Managing Your Claims Process

It’s critical to make sure you’re getting your claims in on time. Often, therapists make the mistake of omitting assessment and management time when counting billable minutes. Many times therapists forget to add appropriate units based on the time spent on each exercise or procedure. We can help you with your claims process.

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