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Bilingual Virtual Assistance

Medical providers continue struggling to find and retain reliable in-practice employees as the labor shortage continues in the U.S. Sourcing and onboarding new non-clinical staff takes time, and the disruptions caused are detrimental to patient satisfaction. 

That is why virtual assistant services are expected to grow at % annual compounded growth rate of 34%. 

As many healthcare providers realize the ease and cost benefits of working with virtual medical assistants, they also learn the benefits of hiring bilingual virtual assistants.


  • What is a bilingual virtual assistant? 
  • Why is there a demand for bilingual virtual assistants in the U.S.? 
  • What are the benefits of hiring a bilingual virtual assistant?
  • Where do I find a reliable bilingual virtual assistant? 

Take a break and watch this video to learn more about virtual medical assistants’ roles at your practice. 

What is a Bilingual Virtual Assistant?

A bilingual virtual assistant is a person who is fluent in two more languages and works from a remote location. These virtual assistants contribute to the growth of a business by providing translation services and access to a different demographic. 

From a healthcare perspective, bilingual virtual assistants allow medical providers to communicate with patients in their preferred language, which goes a long way in enhancing the patient experience and fostering growth. 

But more about that later. Let’s examine the demand for bilingual virtual assistants in the USA first.

Why is there a growing demand for bilingual virtual assistants in the United States?

13% of the U.S. population speaks Spanish at home and has the second-largest population (54 million) of Spanish speakers in the world, right behind Mexico.

According to the latest data, one in three Americans will speak Spanish by 2050, whether it is their first or second language.

bilingual virtual assistant

The five states with the most amount of Spanish-speaking people are: 

  1. California            10.4 million 
  2. Texas                      7.7 million 
  3. Florida                   4.4 million 
  4. New York               2.7 million 
  5. Illinois                     1.6 million 

Given the current data and the projections for the growth of the Spanish language in the USA, it is becoming clear that inclusive marketing and patient experience strategies should be considered.

That is why bilingual virtual assistants are becoming highly sought after. But what exactly can a medical provider gain from employing a bilingual virtual assistant?

What are the benefits of hiring a bilingual virtual assistant?

Hiring a bilingual virtual assistant is like buying a pickup truck instead of a car. Both will get you from A to B, but the pickup offers some versatility. Let’s start by examining what the bilingual medical virtual assistant can do and how that can help to expand your medical practice.

bilingual virtual assistant

Percentage of U.S. population speaking Spanish by 2050

  • Reduce operational costs

Because the hourly rate of virtual assistants is lower than in-practice employees and providers only pay for the number of hours they work, hiring virtual assistants can lead to an operational cost of 70%.

Neolytix virtual assistants can have an hourly rate of $7.99, far less than an in-practice employee’s hourly rate.

Regardless of the type and skillset of the virtual assistant, and whether it is a bilingual virtual assistant or not, medical providers will see a drastic reduction in costs because of the following factors.

  • Lower hourly rates
  • Higher productivity due to extensive back-end monitoring (therefore, fewer hours are required to do the same work as an in-practice employee.
  • No paid annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, etc. )
  • Fewer hardware costs (desk, computer, etc.)
  • Fewer software costs (licenses for programs and applications)

The savings generated from the reduction of expenses could be applied elsewhere, like marketing, which would help the patient growth of a practice.

  • Increase the flow of patients to your practice.

The more obvious benefit fof having a bilingual virtual assistant is that the medical provider can now provide services in the patient’s language. This makes the practice more attractive to a broader range of potential patients.

The Spanish offering is not just limited to making and receiving calls; the bilingual virtual assistant can also assist in translating written communication and marketing content.

  • Improve patient retention

Building and sustaining long-term relationships is vital to maintaining a predictable cash flow cycle at your practice.

When patients receive service in the language of their choice, it lessens the communication burden and improves their perception of the practice. These patients are less likely to seek alternative providers when they need medical care in the future.

  • Harnessing technology to improve service quality

Neolytix’s bilingual virtual assistants are armed with best-in-industry omnichannel platforms that combine all forms of communication, including calls, texts, live chat, etc., onto one platform where A.I. analyzes it to detect trends and improve future communications.

bilingual virtual assistant

In-depth analysis and reporting of all forms of communication

Source: Talkdesk

The A.I. analytics can also be performed when virtual assistants use other languages, such as Spanish. That means that even if the medical provider does not speak Spanish, they can still understand the quality of service the bilingual virtual assistant provides.

Calls, for instance, are transcribed and analyzed by the system, which then determines the patient sentiment. In-depth reporting on communication and productivity can be provided frequently or on demand, depending on the needs of the medical provider.

  • Targeted marketing efforts to improve brand awareness

Your bilingual virtual assistant can do more than make and answer calls. Bilingual virtual assistants can help create and translate marketing content, which would then appeal to a different audience.

They can assist with email campaigns, social media, and also managing online testimonials, which we will get to in a minute. In addition, providing Spanish content that more people can digest could also improve the SEO of your website and increase its rankings on the search results pages.

  • Improve your online reputation

Over the last ten years, the need for a sterling online reputation has become pivotal to practice growth. The more positive the online sentiment of a healthcare provider is, the more likely they are to attract new patients.

bilingual virtual assistant

Source: Healthcare Tracker Report

According to the 2022 Healthcare Trends Report, 72% of potential patients read online reviews to aid them in selecting a healthcare provider. 

Neolytix bilingual virtual assistants can elicit reviews from Spanish-speaking patients and respond to Spanish testimonials online. English-speaking medical providers don’t have the skills or time to translate responses for online testimonials, but bilingual virtual assistants can do that. 

Where do I find a reliable bilingual virtual assistant for medical practice? 

Bilingual virtual assistants can unlock a wide range of benefits for medical providers. In short: 

  • As the percentage of Spanish-speaking people continues to increase, the need for inclusive communication and marketing is becoming more important.
  • Bilingual virtual assistants reduce operational costs by up to 70% due to their lower hourly rate and savings incurred on no paid leave, hardware, software, training costs, etc.
  • By offering service in the patient’s preferred language, more Spanish-speaking potential patients will be attracted to the practice and continue returning.
  • Neolytix bilingual virtual assistants harness cutting-edge technology with speech analytics that tracks their performance and provide reports that medical providers can assess to determine if their Spanish-speaking patients are getting quality service.
  • By adding Spanish marketing content, medical providers can enjoy greater brand exposure.
  • Bilingual virtual assistants can improve the patient experience and the practice’s online reputation by eliciting and replying to Spanish online reviews and testimonials. 

Neolytix has been serving healthcare providers for over 12 years. Our bilingual virtual assistants harness breakthrough technology that seamlessly integrates with practices without the hassle and additional complications while overseen by a dedicated onboarding lead.  

The omnichannel platform provides AI-analyzed reporting on the quality of service so that medical providers can rest assured, knowing that high-quality service standards are maintained. 

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