A Fresh Approach To Dental Credentialing

Dental Credentialing

You take it as your duty to maintain a smooth operation. And you have a basic understanding of what your staff is doing. You trust they are managing the front office and engaging patients in a competent manner. For the most part, you’re under the impression that everything is running like a well-oiled handpiece in your practice. Except for one thing– your dental credentialing system.

That’s been a little tougher. Maybe you assumed your staff was keeping track of the credentialing process- filing the appropriate paperwork, including the necessary documents required, and following up in a timely manner. And maybe you were surprised and a little frustrated to discover that the straightforward systems you thought you had in place aren’t so straightforward after all. That’s a huge problem.

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Dental credentialing is a long, tedious and excruciatingly slow process.

Any misstep can send you right back to the start line. And nothing is more infuriating than realizing that you have to start all over. You also have to identify the weak link in your system. Whether that’s your staff or the processes put in place, the bottom line is that you have to confront that you have holes in your leaky boat. And trying to use a water pail to save the Titanic is an exercise in futility, energy and money.

Now, no one’s saying your entire ship is going to flounder– at least not at first. But if you don’t have a solid credentialing process, you can bet you are going to take on water until the structural integrity is at risk.

And what is the structural integrity in your practice?  Your money. That’s what you’re losing by not getting through the credentialing process as quickly and competently as possible. You should have an airtight process for ensuring all documents are submitted, copied for your records, filed and followed up without fail. Not to mention a first mate at the help to anticipate any scenario that might pop up. 

Failure to do any of these can lead to starting over. Even when everything goes right, it can still take 30 to 120 days or longer to process. That part you can’t help. You can only do what you can control, so let’s explore what you can control. 

What can you control?

The biggest factor you can control is who you allow to manage your credentialing process. Many practices rely on their office staff assuming that the credentialing process is simply a matter of paperwork similar to office work. This is a huge mistake. Not only is it not office paperwork, but it requires knowledge of credentialing laws and procedures, for both state and federal regulations. 

This is not something that should be entrusted to anyone except personnel specifically trained in the credentialing process. Not only do they know the law, but they have the experience and skills to anticipate problems as well as incentives to look out for when acting on your behalf. They also have a very specific system designed to catch every document that needs to be filed, and every follow-up action. It’s like dancing the Tango– you want someone who knows the steps. Someone who will help you avoid getting your toes stomped on.

And why is this important? Because an incompetent dental credentialing system means money is seeping through the cracks of your practice. It wasn’t a gargantuan hole that sank the Titanic— it was a series of pinholes along the length of the ship that sent it to the bottom of the sea.

The old way of dental credentialing

Dental practices handling their own credentialing process is a drain on the practice, its staff and the business as a whole. What might seem like a smart decision while keeping the credentialing process in house and therefore saving money is actually doing the opposite. 

Once you consider the time and payroll expended when starting over every time a document isn’t filed or followed up on, it becomes glaringly obvious that outsourcing the credentialing process to experts is smarter. 

The efficiency just isn’t there. Most staff aren’t trained in the intricate credentialing system. They aren’t trained in what to look for, how to file and what to anticipate. And the difference between knowing what to look for and not, is a ton of money in your pocket.

The new approach to dental credentialing

We know, we know– you don’t like to depend on anyone. Maybe you see dependency as a weakness. You prefer to have control over as much of your business as possible. And we agree completely. That’s why being open to a new approach to dental credentialing can have you stay in control while still having the most experienced, skilled people work on your behalf to get through the dental credentialing process.

Dependency might be considered a weakness, but delegation is considered an exercise in power. 

And that’s what you want– power. The power to call the shots in your own practice. To have it running air tight and on lock. Anchored and steady.

We’d like to invite you to check out the seals in our ship. We can assure you a smooth sailing experience as your first mate. And if we’re not a match? No worries. We’ll point you in the direction of someone who can help. Because you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping your eye on dental credentialing. That’s what we do on your behalf.

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