Medical Billing for Mental Health Services

Maximizing your reimbursement rate

Medical Billing for Mental Health Services

Leave all the paperwork to us and focus more time on your Behavioral Health Practice

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Helping Mental Health Practices handle claims, process payment, and generate revenue. 

Face-To-Face Relationship

We quickly respond to any inquires you have regarding bills and provider reimbursement.

Enhance Patient Engagement

Cutting out the administrative burdens that come with mental health medical billing.

Maximize Productivity

Fully-equipped to handle and manage EHR, electronic health records.

Eliminate Administrative Burdens

Improve your claims management process and recover a lot of outstanding claims.


Medical billing for mental health doesn't have to be difficult and complex

Giving you transparency where it matters most.

01.Behavioral Health Billing

There are many subdivisions when it comes to mental health. We are able to help tackle your billing needs for psychologist, psychotherapy, psychiatry, therapy, pediatric therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and more!

02.Code Claims

Cleaning up your codes can significantly increase your reimbursement rates. They are necessary for avoiding audits and receiving payments. We know how to bill for the correct codes. Lets help you get a clean code.

03.Managing Your Claims Process

It’s critical to make sure you’re getting your claims in on time. Often, therapists make the mistake of omitting assessment and management time when counting billable minutes. Many times therapists forget to add appropriate units based on the time spent on each exercise or procedure. We can help you with your claims process.

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Neolytix is a great resource for all things insurance and billing related. Neolytix is helping me get a new business up and running and has been a huge help. Neolytix team is motivated and has connected me with other professionals who are on my team as well. I highly recommend Neolytix!

Stephanie Brenner

I highly recommend Neolytix for billing consultation services. I am a psychotherapist and Neolytix was so helpful in resolving billing problems with insurance and advising me on ways to enhance my billing processes for my clients and my business as a whole. Neolytix was responsive, professional, and knowledgeable.

Julie Gold

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