The New Cigna Modifier 25 Policy Update – 2023

Cigna Modifier 25 Policy Update

On May 25, 2023, Cigna released a new policy pertaining to Modifier 25 when billed on an Evaluation and Management (E/M) when a minor procedure is performed.

This new policy requires progress notes to be submitted when claims are billed as established outpatient E/M codes 99212-99215 only with modifier 25 when a minor procedure is performed.

You may be asking yourself…

What will happen if my office fails to attach the patient’s progress note?

The answer: Your claim will be denied.

Cigna is not the first insurance company to make changes to its Modifier 25 policy. On March 1, 2019, Anthem released its own policy stating that Anthem may deny the E/M service with a modifier 25 billed on the day of a related procedure when there is a recent service or procedure for the same or similar diagnosis on record.

While the American Medical Association (AMA) and more than 100 other physician and health care professional organizations submitted a letter to Cigna urging the insurer to “immediately rescind” siting the policy holds a “negative impact on practice administrative costs and burdens across medical specialties and geographic regions, as well as its potential negative effect on patients.”

They suggested that Cigna should, instead, work with the AMA along with state medical and national specialty societies “on a collaborative educational initiative to ensure the correct use of modifier 25.”

How should your office prepare for this impending change?

  • Don’t view the change as a burden but as an opportunity to utilize the template functions of your Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • Create a template for your practice specialty, ensuring an E/M and procedure visit.
  • Within the template, there should be prompts to promote clear documentation for medical necessity.
  • Initiate an office process for ensuring that a progress note is attached to claims for your Cigna patients when an E/M visit for established patients only requires a minor procedure.


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