Medical Billing: Discovery Questionnaire

Please complete the information as best as you can below. This will help us in understanding and scoping out the services that will best suit your requirements.

How do we Improve your Billing?

We will review information we receive from your practice, the performance of claims submissions, the types of issues being encountered.

We will build corrective, preventive action plan and do a monthly review with you.

We are a big believer in using the latest digital and tech apps designed for small practices. The team at Neolytix bring in the the best practices in how they can be deployed to automate workflows and impact your bottom line.

We research the technology and automation – so you don’t have to.

We have a separate dedicated team which specializes in offshoring and offshore performance management. BUT, not everything can be offshored and there is a process and oversight required to make it work.

We make sure that there is a balance of cost & performance, if you want to leverage offshore resources.