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Our Portfolio

Do medical billing companies typically have their own portfolio? In most cases, no.

But Neolytix is different. We’re a boutique firm that strives to provide a highly consultative selection of services. There’s no assembly line here; everything we do is made just for you.

Browse the examples below to see how Neolytix empowers small healthcare practices to succeed!

Management Service Organization

Family Practice

Evanston IL

Medical Billing Service

Fixed Fee Plan

1. Set up and improve office processes.
2. Help Offices to have easier, transparent and better coordination with billing team
3. Provide constructive feedback to physicians on coding and revenue options
4. Improve collections by sending clean claims and addressing rejections and denials as they come
5. Get money faster in our client’s bank to sustain healthy cash flow
6. Train the front desk to improve patient copays and balances

OB/GYN Practice

Downers Grove IL

Billing Consulting

Hourly Consulting Fee

1. Assisted merger of 2 practices
2. Helped in data migration
3. Integrated processes for 2 practices
4. Helped in change management for employees and billing team
5. Implemented processes to streamline coordination between offshore billing and office.
6. Created RVU supported profit sharing between partners
7. Trained billing team, front desk and helped in hiring office manager
8. Introduced extra sources of revenue by implementing inhouse lab coding and billing

Pediatric Practice

Duluth GA

Medical Billing Service

% of Collections

1. Set up new practice
2. Credentialed the practice with commercial ins, Medicaid and Medicaid HMOs
3. Set up new EHR system
4. Helped in setting up all coding and templates
5. Successfully billing for the growing practice with minimal Account receivables


Evanston IL

Medical Billing Service

Hourly Consulting Fee

1. Neolytix was approached to increase monthly revenue for the practice.
2. Neolytix convinced the use of a Billing and Scheduling software for the practice
3. This process reduced missed billing
4. It also helped the practice collect money from patients upfront
5. Inform the practice about patient’s deductible, copay and coins before the appointment.
6. Neolytix send claims, post payments
7. Provides month end reports
8. The practice is happy with no missed billing and all claims paid by Insurance or patient.

OB/GYN Practice

Bolingbrook IL

Billing Consulting

Hourly Consulting Fee

1. Assisted in negotiation in buying an old practice with the old provider retiring
2. Set up the new practice with new management and rules
3. Set up new EHR, data migration
4. Set up practice forms and policies for patients and new and old employees
5. Assisted in hiring staff
6. Assisted with setting billing department and process
7. On point contact between offshore billing and office
8. Check Billing performance on a weekly basis
9. Work denials rejections with billing team
10. Provide business consultant role to the practice

Pediatric Practice

Wilmette IL

Medical Billing Service

Hourly, later % of Collections

1. Neolytix was hired as consulting for the practice with an inhouse billing disaster
2. Practice had changed EHR and lost thousands in revenue.
3. Neolytix trained the billing and clinical staff on new EHR
4. Corrected 1000’s of claims and recovered as much money as possible
5. Created processes to collect patient payment and reduce patient AR
6. Practice hired Neolytix to bill in light of incorrect and inefficient billing by the billing team
7. Practice is now satisfied with minimal Insurance AR faster money in bank and increased revenue from patients.
8. Added new processes in place to collect money from patients including e statements and cell phone reminders


What People say about us

Working with Neolytix Consultants has been an amazing and rewarding process. They came in and helped reorganized the company from the front desk reception to the billing department. They are a great multifaceted company that cares about the company as well as it employees. All aspect of the business has improved greatly, which has reflected in the increase of patient's ,revenue, and a happier staff. The company has also greatly improved in the billing and collection process. We are very grateful for their patience and guidance over the years. We will continue to work with Neolytix Consults now and in the future.

Bonnie Flores
Midwest Women OB/GYN

Neolytix is a great resource for all things insurance and billing related. Neolytix is helping me get a new business up and running and has been a huge help. Neolytix team is motivated and has connected me with other professionals who are on my team as well. I highly recommend Neolytix!

Stephanie Brenner
New Practice Setup

I highly recommend Neolytix for billing consultation services. I am a psychotherapist and Neolytix was so helpful in resolving billing problems with insurance and advising me on ways to enhance my billing processes for my clients and my business as a whole. Neolytix was responsive, professional, and knowledgeable.

Julie Gold

Ritu is awsome! She has helped me analyze the financials of my office which have evaluated aspects including lab services , billing ,staff productivity . She has helped me save money by helping me correct the losses found in her analysis . Another invaluable benefit to me was that she personally trained my staff. I highly recommend her services.

Robin Wind, MD

Neolytix Has been invaluable in turning around the billing at my internal medicine practice. The team has been working with my practice for the last 2 years and we have seen substantial improvements in our Collections and a decrease in our accounts receivable. Unfortunately we had a very tough situation before Neolytix came in and they were able to recover much of the accounts receivable that I thought had been lost. Not only that theyNeolytix team do a great job with our billing and collections, they also improved the workflow at our practice and set us up with a much more efficient Billing System than what we had previously been using. I highly recommend Neolytix for any Private Practice that needs help with their billing and practice management.

Jeffrey Geohas, MD
Internal Medicine Practice

Neolytix is a great resource for helping with all aspects of non clinical management for a medical practice. My new practice needed help getting setup - credentialing, setting up EHR, billing, processes and all hiring, training of staff. Not only did they help with all of that the ongoing support they provide for managing the results for my billing are simply amazing! Neolytix has helped in improving my billing performance. Insurance verification process was setup, cleaner claims are being sent now, we have a very strong claim denial management process and we are getting paid faster! Getting to this point is a lot of work and they have dedicated people to make it happen!!! I would strongly recommend Neolytix for their expertise and ability to deliver results!

Smita Jobanputra, MD
FemCare OB/GYN