Medical Billing for Mental Health Services: 4 Fantastic Perks

Neolytix is proud to offer fully HIPAA-compliant medical billing for mental health services.

Whether you’re a therapist, counsellor, or any other mental health professional, we want to provide your practice with the same level of billing and coding expertise as large hospitals.

We specialize in medical billing for mental health services and particularly enjoy working with small- and medium-sized practices across the country.

There’s no assembly line here; all our medical billing services are hand-crafted with your clinic in mind.

Turbocharge your cash flow with professional medical billing for mental health services! Call us anytime!

Medical Billing for Mental Health Services

The Neolytix Advantage: Evolved Results


Results Come First

We work for you, not the other way around. We know how important medical billing for mental health services is, and we strive to provide solutions that work for you

Faster collections

Accelerated Collections

Consistent and reliable cash flow is essential to any medical practice, mental health very much included. Neolytix guarantees fast collections of all cash and claims.

Technology That Delivers

Our billing and coding staff utilizes cutting-edge tools and applications to provide your practice with modern medical billing services comparable to that of large healthcare groups.

Personalized Assistance

We believe in the little guy. Neolytix works closely with small mental health practices across the country. We tailor our solutions just for you because we want to help small clinics succeed.

Did You Know?

You must be fully credentialed with insurance carriers before receiving any payment.

Medical Billing for Mental Health Services: 4 Fantastic Perks​

Medical billing is probably not the reason you became a therapist. We get it.

But billing and coding are integral parts of the healthcare system. They’re how we guarantee that mental health professionals are paid for their valued work. They also ensure that patients are properly covered by their insurance.

  1. Peace of Mind: We verify all the records, double-check the deadlines, and keep comprehensive lists of bills and claims. We do this so you don’t have to.
  2. Optimized Cash Flow: Even today, far too many claims are not paid on their first submission. We know how important getting paid on time is for small mental health clinics. As mental health billing experts, we’ll monitor your revenue cycle to ensure you get paid on time every time.
  3. Time Efficiency: The more time you spend worrying about billing and coding, the more your valuable mental health training and skills go unused. That’s both inefficient and highly illogical. 
  4. Reduced Liabilities and Overhead: Proper medical billing is pricey. It requires a full office of trained professionals and expensive IT equipment. Instead of paying for all that in-house, let us handle the billing. Skip the hassle and maybe even save yourself some cash in the long run.

Bad billing or coding can have serious consequences.

Too many small practices have been wrecked by poor coding and resulting delayed claims.

Don’t let this happen to you.

We’re billing specialists who truly care about helping small mental health practices succeed. Our medical billing for mental health services puts your practice first.

Medical Billing for Mental Health Services

Getting Started

Switching to a new billing and coding service can be a pain. That’s why Neolytix is committed to making the process easy.

Our Customer Success Team is here to help you! We promise:

  • A special transition manager to facilitate the process at all times
  • Quick and efficient lead times for implementation
  • Expert help and consultation with all conversions
  • A US-based account manager dedicated to your success

Medical Billing for Mental Health Services

How Does It Work?

We care about all mental health practices we work with. We strive to form meaningful and long-term relationships with clinics all over the country.

Not all mental health billing companies offer this kind of personalized service. Neolytix does. We would be proud to be a valued adviser on your management team.

We offer:

  • Substantial and lasting improvements to your billing and collections processes
  • Accounts receivables follow-ups
  • Complimentary, on-demand reports along with RVU (Relative Value Units) analyses
  • Full services so that you’ll pay only on amounts received
  • Billing oversight & consultation to allow you to pay hourly with no minimum