Consistent Results

Improve consistency and follow-up


Phones ringing non-stop. Patients waiting to be checked in. Paperwork scattered.

Your staff is great. Excellent, even. They navigate frustrating challenges for you all day long. They’re also overwhelmed with the high demand of keeping the daily office administration tasks in hand while trying to process insurance claims, credentialing paperwork and follow-up and medical billing tracking. They need a break and you need consistent results.

And not just that, but you've known for some time you need to take some of the work off their shoulders.

Not because they can’t do it, but because you know it needs its own experts to sort out the microscopic details that anyone could overlook.

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That's what we're here for - not to take over, but to assist your vision and get you there faster. Because what happens if nothing changes? Get consistent results.

Preserving energy

Small Practice Checks & Balances


  • Patient Appointment requests with Patient appointments
  • Patient appointments with updated charts
  • Updated Charts with Claims
  • ERA’s with Bank statements
  • ERA’s applied to claims
  • Checks deposited/ Credit card payments with Patient balances and claims
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