About Us

Services for Small & Medium Practices

We are on a mission to enable the success of Private Practices.

Our Values

Help People Grow

Invest in learning experiences and incentivize people to think independently. Provide opportunities to discover new areas in which they can excel. Facilitate mentor and mentee roles.

Take pride in the contributions we make in the practices that are the lifeline of the American healthcare system. It’s okay to feel that we have had a part to play in their success.

Celebrate Client Success

Make Mistakes, then Learn & Solve

Services are hard – manual processes are prone to mistakes. New day, new problems. We Fail fast, then learn and bring a solution mindset to prevent the problem.

Working with small practices means knowing the big picture and understanding how small things can make a big impact. Our holistic view of working across many functions provides us with that advantage.

Bring the Panoramic Approach to Work

Respect & Integrity

Treat everyone fairly, with respect. Manage expectations proactively. Be the role model that everyone can take inspiration from.

Don’t let your gut tell you differently. Rely on facts and scientific data before making decisions. Analyze, Question, Validate and then Act.

Feelings are not Data

Keep Work Enjoyable

Pursuit of Happiness should drive us. Remembering that work is not meant to be stressful. Keep the smile and work with the team to resolve stressful situations. Healthy work life balance and value family time.

Why work with a MSO and not specialist Suppliers?

Not Enough scale to justify Silo's

Large Corporations need specialists for functions because they have the scale. And then can invest in building communication & reporting governance so teams can work well together.

Smaller Organizations need people to work in a boundaryless manner more suited for entrepreneurial style teams.

Improve Accountability

Neolytix team takes accountability for ensuring the success of your practice, not just a supplier KPI.

Example - Many billing companies will provide guarantee on 99% clean claims, but will not take ownership of driving claims clean from your office.

Reduce Cost

When you work with one supplier, they can offer you better pricing as you scale up with them.

Working with a MSO style organization also opens you to manage all your costs as a % of your revenue, providing the consistency in profitability that every business needs.

Small Team Specialists

Our specialization is setting up, growing and helping small practices run profitably.

We have a small, flat team which works on making sure all aspects of running a successful operation are addressed.