Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement

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Harness the expertise of our teams and their industry-leading technology to add value-based care and increase revenue. Rev+ Remote Patient Monitoring Services are streamlined to improve patient care without demanding more of your resources.

Rev+ Connecting Patients with Practices 24/7

Rev+ provides a platform for practices to keep their fingers on the pulse of their patients beyond their practice walls, thereby drastically improving patient care without having to invest in additional resources.

Improve Patient Care Through Remote Patient Monitoring

Allow your care to extend beyond the confines of your practice’s walls. Rev+ gives you the ability to be there for your most vulnerable patients every second of every day.

Additional Revenue Without Draining Your Practice’s Resources

Rev+ Remote Patient Monitoring provides an additional revenue stream for your practice without you needing to invest in training, technology, licensing, etc.
Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Rev+ is Neolytix’s remote patient monitoring service that enables medical practices to enhance their revenue and clinical care beyond the constraints of in-person appointments, particularly in situations where a patient’s progress requires continuous assessment.

Rates are national medicare average

Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement

RPM CPT Codes For Improved Reimbursements

These codes offer remuneration for expenses associated with providing remote monitoring services, which are utilized to collect physiological data like weight, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and respiratory flow rate. Moreover, certain codes include payment for the cost of the monitoring device and its distribution to the patient.

Reimbursement Calculator

Simply enter a ‘guestimation’ of the patients that must utilize their RPM device daily

What is the Potential Reimbursemet for Remote Patient Monitoring?

2023 RPM CPT Billing Codes

  • CPT 99453 (Service Initiation): $19.32 one-time charge
  • CPT 99454 (Data Transmission/Device): $50.15 every 30 days
  • CPT 99457 (Treatment Management Services - Monitoring for 20 minutes): $48.80 each month
  • CPT 99458 (Additional monitoring for 20minutes X2): $39.65 each month
  • CPT 99091 (Analysis and interpretation): $54.22 every 30 days
  • CPT 99453 (Service Initiation): $19.32 one-time charge
  • CPT 99454 (Data Transmission/Device): $50.15 every 30 days
  • CPT 99457 (Treatment Management Services - Monitoring for 20 minutes): $48.80 each month
  • CPT 99458 (Additional monitoring for 20minutes X2): $39.65 each month

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*Includes RPM setup fee of $24.07 per patient

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Rev+ seamlessly integrates with your current operations and systems to deliver Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring services to improve care for your patients and increase monthly reimbursements

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Sue Robbins
Sue Robbins
Neolytix has helped so much with our outstanding A/R. They are always so very willing to help and complete the task in a timely manner.
We transitioned to Neolytix a while back, having come from a billing company we were less than thrilled about. The people here have been very responsive to our needs and requests, and adapt quickly to whatever curve balls our practice throws them. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, and take the attitude that our success is their success.
Sandy M
Sandy M
I was a new office manager for a private practice when I hired Neolytix for credentialing assistance. Eden has been very thorough and helpful every step of the way. insurance credentialing can be so overwhelming at times, that having this task off my plate has given me a peace of mind. I know she is handling everything. Always quick to respond to questions or concerns.
Cheryl Lambert
Cheryl Lambert
Neolytix is the most professional and hard working billing company I have ever been partners with . I call them a partner because they truly are. Neolytix makes sure what they bill is accurate. Their knowledge of physician billing is outstanding. The entire team takes control and does what is necessary to make sure you get paid.
Priti Patel
Priti Patel
I habe hired a virtual assistant through Neolytix and she is amazing. The team has trained her well so I didn't have to deal with that aspect so I can focus on running my clinic. She is fast and responsive to clinic tasks. Patients have said positive things about her as well.The team at Neolytix did well...I just wish I would have signed up sooner 😅

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) reimbursement refers to the process by which healthcare providers are paid for using technology to remotely monitor and manage the health of their patients. This technology allows healthcare providers to collect patient data such as blood pressure, heart rate, and glucose levels, among others, from a patient’s home using connected devices and then use this data to manage and adjust their treatment plan.

Acute conditions include but are not limited to asthma attacks, broken bone bronchitis, COVID-19, common cold, flu, heart attack pneumonia, respiratory infection, strep throat…

Chronic conditions include but are not limited to: Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), depression, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, osteoporosis, stroke…

Medicare and private insurance companies can reimburse healthcare providers for using RPM technology to manage certain acute and chronic conditions, as listed below. This reimbursement helps to incentivize healthcare providers to adopt and use RPM technology to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions, and lower healthcare costs.

The reimbursement rates for RPM vary depending on the type of service provided, the patient population, and the payer. Healthcare providers should check with their payer to determine the specific reimbursement rates and requirements for RPM services. See the section below.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) offers several benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. That include:

  1. Improved patient outcomes: RPM can help healthcare providers monitor patients’ vital signs and symptoms more closely, allowing for earlier detection of potential health issues and more timely intervention.
  2. Increased patient engagement: Patients can take a more active role in their healthcare through RPM by allowing them to monitor their own health data and communicate with their healthcare providers more easily, which can improve patient engagement and satisfaction.
  3. Reduced healthcare costs: By detecting potential health issues earlier and intervening more quickly, RPM can prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits, thereby reducing healthcare costs.
  4. Increased revenue for healthcare providers: By providing RPM services, eligible healthcare providers can receive reimbursement from payers, which help increase their revenue streams.

Patients use connected devices such as blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, and pulse oximeters to measure their vital signs and other health data at home. These devices are often Bluetooth-enabled and can transmit data directly to healthcare providers or other authorized third parties and sent it to a secure platform, where it can be viewed and analyzed.

The system can be adjusted to analyze the patient data and set alerts for abnormal readings or other potential health issues. This allows for early detection and intervention before the health issue becomes more serious. Patients can also use the platform to communicate with their healthcare providers and receive educational resources and support.

In addition, healthcare providers can use the data collected through RPM to adjust treatment plans and medications as needed, as well as to schedule follow-up appointments or tests.

Here is the breakdown of the codes and national average reimbursements:

CPT Code 99453 ($20.70)

One-time payment for initial discussion and device assignment

CPT Code 99454 ($53.07)

At least 16 readings in a consecutive 30-day period

CPT Code 99457 ($51.13)

Initial 20 minutes once a month

CPT Code 99458 ($41.48)

Additional 20 minutes, max total =40mins

CPT Code 99091 ($56.41)

Collecting and analyzing data, max 30 minutes a month

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