Why you should protect your company’s data.

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Why you should protect your company's data

This is Lucy

She works for Anchorage Community Mental Health Service that was just a part of a $150K HIPAA breach.

The cause?

The organization failed to patch their systems and continued to run outdated, unsupported software that eventually led to a malware data breach affecting 2,743 individuals.

How did this happen exactly?

Officials discovered that Anchorage Community Mental Health Service had adopted HIPAA security policies and procedures. Still, they were not followed by the organization’s employees for a seven-year period, from 2005 to 2012.
The organization neglected to update IT resources with system patches and updated software.
In addition to the $150,000 settlement, Anchorage Community Mental Health Services will also be required to implement a corrective action plan and subsequently report to the Office for Civil Rights on its compliance program.

Why you should protect your company's data

What could have been done to prevent this error?

Taking better measures to protect and safeguard administration is key. It’s imperative to always follow HIPAA rules and make sure you have a risk management plan.

Making sure you’re engaged in comprehensive risk analysis and risk management to ensure that individuals’ electronic protected health information is secure.
A risk management plan needs to include not only technical but also physical and administrative measures.

What are the best practices in doing so? How should we get started in making sure we are HIPAA compliant?

Every Covered Entity and Business Associate that has access to PHI must ensure the technical, physical and administrative safeguards are in place and adhered to, that they comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule in order to protect the integrity of PHI, and that – should a breach of PHI occur – they follow the procedure in the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule.

Why you should protect your company's data

Neolytix is your answer in making sure your practice is HIPAA compliant. We can help in assessing your current practice policies, identify gaps, and put safeguards in place to help you achieve HIPAA Compliance. We can also help conduct HIPAA Assessments and Audits for your practice.

Make sure your practice meets HIPAA compliance standards.

Give Neolytix a call or email to understand how to fully protect your medical practice today!

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