Improving Your Office Systems

Ways to Improve Your Medical Practice

If you want to deliver a patient experience that wows your community, serves your patients above all others and sets you apart from your competition, you will have to create a well-organized medical office. Why is an organized medical office responsible for so much success? It’s like a machine with a thousand tiny parts that when all is working together moves you closer to the goal line.

A medical professional’s office has many tasks and processes that need to be completed on time. The flow of these tasks and people together has a big impact on the patient experience. It is common to see physician’s offices suffering from a drastic decline in efficiency because these tasks and processes are no longer organized, causing wasted time, efforts, and resources.

Finding ways to improve your medical practice is the key to enhancing the patient experience. At Neolytix, we would like to share a few insights into the best ways to improve your medical practice to make a positive impact on all aspects of your practice.

1. Move to the Cloud

When you move your EMR systems to the cloud, it will help free up your office staff’s time and energy in entering, tracking, and managing patient data. There are many ways moving from on-premise EMR to the cloud can help improve your office systems:

  • No more slow operations or risks of crashes and data loss
  • Improved productivity for both the physician and clinical and support staff
  • Ability to serve more patients per day

Increased cost savings, as there will no longer be a need to invest in and/or maintain costly on-premise systems

When upgrading, look for a cloud-based system that addresses all your office needs at an affordable fee. Looking to get some help understanding different options available to you? Medical Billing experts at Neolytix will be happy to help you. Fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

2. Automate Your Medical Office Processes

It is possible to automate basic repetitive tasks using the latest technology. These are the tasks that consume most of your office staff’s time.

This will require investing in the right software applications. Some of the latest applications can track performance, allowing you to identify places where time is lost. So, what are the common tasks that can be automated in a physician’s office?

This includes:

  • Patient reminders
  • Prescription dispensing services
  • Employee timekeeping

Automation is a smart way to make your office more efficient and productive. Look for EHR’s that offer these features as a value added service.

3. Let Your Patients Schedule Their Appointments

Surveys show that two in three health systems have self-scheduling features and an almost equivalent proportion of patients can use self-scheduling for their next appointment. This is a great opportunity for you to upgrade your office systems and make your medical office more efficient and productive.

Most modern consumers are digitally conscious and comfortable. This factor is expected to make it more interesting and valuable for patients to manage their own appointment schedules. Your office software is expected to have features such as:

  • Self-scheduling
  • Appointment reminders
  • Automated calendar updates

The benefits include time savings for your office staff and cutting down the number of staff hours required for scheduling. Look for EHR’s that offer these features as a value added service.

4. Integrate Billing & Devices to Your EMR or EHR

Another way to improve your medical office system is to integrate your clinic’s processes and devices into your EMR or EHR. This can help you achieve savings in the areas of time, cost, and human resources.

  • When you integrate billing and scheduling to the EMR or EHR, it will enable automatic billing and documentation against patient visits. This will further speed up the process of verification and funds release at the end of insurance companies.
  • When you integrate your medical devices, it will free up manual staff hours. The task of recording and updating the EMR or EHR with the devices’ findings will be automated.

These steps will further save patients’ time at your office, even when they need to see other healthcare providers. Besides improving your office systems, this will also enhance patient experiences.

When you eliminate a significant amount of manual data entry tasks, your medical practice becomes more efficient. Physicians and their assistants can free more time to be dedicated to patient care.

5. Improve Intra Office Communication

Effective and timely communication is critical to the functioning of a medical office. This includes many more elements than just talking and listening. It also involves mutual understanding and respect between all the colleagues. It is equally important to infuse value into the entire system of communication.

You can improve this important aspect of your office system by equipping your staff with the right tools to stay in constant touch. It is equally important to ensure your staff members realize the importance of privacy keeping in mind the latest HIPAA regulations. This requires that your communication tools also provide a secure channel.

6. Simplify Insurance Reimbursements

Timely and proper insurance processing is crucial to the effective operation of any medical practice. Your office systems should be designed or upgraded to make the revenue process smoother.

While facilitating quicker payments, it is important to lower the burden of workload on your billing staff. This also includes:

  • Keeping your admin costs down
  • Building a positive rapport with your patients
  • Ensuring eligibility checks and verifications are conducted before services are offered

The last part is important to allow your patients to make the right decisions. Learn how Medical Billing Services[Insert link] from Neolytix are ideal for small & mid sized practices that require more care than the ability to scale to high volumes.

These are proven and effective strategies to improve your office systems and make them more efficient and effective while improving your medical practice’s productivity. For more information about streamlining your administrative functions, get in touch with Neolytix at 1-888-828-2585 or write to us through this Form.

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