4 Fantastic Perks of Our Medical Billing and Credentialing Services

Neolytix is proud to offer HIPAA-compliant medical billing and credentialing services customized to meet the needs of medical practices everywhere. We do it with professional expertise and friendly, convenient service.

Our team of industry specialists are well-versed in coding, credentialing applications, enrollment, and billing.

There’s no assembly line here; all of our medical billing and credentialing services are handcrafted with your private practice in mind. We do this because we want to see small medical practices succeed.

Streamline and maximize your collections. Call us today!

Medical Billing and Credentialing Services

Medical Billing and Credentialing Services

The Neolytix Advantage: Services That Deliver

Neolytix is proud to offer results-oriented medical billing and credentialing services. We guarantee consistent, expert results every month.



We don’t just set up goals; we deliver them, every time. Our trained staff and established, proven processes will handle all your billing with professionalism and care.

Faster collections

Faster Collections

Credentialing is time consuming. With our professional expertise, we’ll streamline your billing processes and guarantee speedy collections and insurance reimbursements.

Technology That Delivers

We leverage cutting-edge technologies, as well as various third-party tools, to maximize efficiency at all stages of the medical billing and insurance credentialing process.

Personalized Assistance

Our staff serves your physician practice. We walk you through the implementation process and provide routine performance reviews and updates.

Did You Know?

You must be fully credentialed with insurance companies before receiving any payment.

Benefits of Our Medical Billing and Credentialing Services

  1. Peace of Mind: We verify all records and keep a comprehensive list of bills, deadlines, and documents. We’ll keep in touch with the insurance companies and insurance panels. We do this so you don’t have to.
  2. Optimized Cash Flow: Did you know that 10–30% of medical claims are not paid on their first submission? This results from incomplete information, improper coding, or any number of other reasons. We’ll optimize your cash flow and ensure you and all your providers get paid on time.
  3. Time Efficiency: The more time you spend on billing, coding, and other things outside your area of specialty, the less time you have for your patients. We’ll free you up and make sure your valuable skills are put to good use.
  4. Reduced Overhead and Liabilities: Proper medical billing requires advanced IT equipment, modern software, and all the additional staff and training needed to operate them. This involves significant money, time, office space, and extra liability.

Bad medical billing and credentialing can have some serious consequences. Even one missed deadline or incomplete form can delay payments or even cause providers to be dropped from your healthcare practice.

Don’t let this happen to you.

We’re experts in our field; you’re the expert in yours. So please, let us handle the paperwork. We’ll take care of the billings and let you focus on what really matters—your patients.

Medical Billing and Credentialing Services

Getting Started

Switching to a new billing service is a pain. Trust us, we know.

That’s why our Customer Success Team is here to help you! We offer:

  • A dedicated transition manager to make the process quick and easy.
  • Shorter lead times for implementation
  • Help with conversions
  • Dedicated US-based account managers

Medical Billing and Credentialing Services

How Does It Work?

We truly care about our clients and work hard to cultivate meaningful, long-term relationships with small practices across the country.

We would be proud to be a valued adviser in your practice management team. We offer:

  • Guaranteed improvement to your current billing processes
  • Accounts receivables follow-ups
  • Complimentary on-demand reports & RVU analyses
  • Full service – pay on amounts received
  • Billing oversight & consultation – pay hourly with no minimums